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How To Create a Beer Lover’s Gift Basket


There are wine lovers. There are cheese lovers. Then there are men who have a love for beers. Beer lovers often have a taste for the unique and the different. While there are a lot of local brand beers to sample, different countries around the world have their own offerings that a beer enthusiast might develop a taste for. If you have a friend who has a taste for beer, then you might consider giving him a beer lover’s gift basket for special occasions.

Beer lover’s gift baskets come in different sizes and flavors (literally). While you can easily purchase a basket from retail sites like, you might be able to save some money if you create a beer lover’s gift basket of your own. The recipient of your gift might even appreciate it better, being a personalized gift.

Here are some ideas you can try when making this kind of gift basket for your beer loving friend.

The bucket. Rather than being an actual basket, a beer lover’s gift basket will consist of a bucket. This bucket serves several purposes. First, it will be an ideal container for your gifts. These will usually include cans and bottles, so a small basket would not be able to hold these items. A medium- to large-sized bucket will be the best. Secondly, the bucket will be a good place to store and serve cold beer bottles as an ice bucket. For this purpose, choose a galvanized steel bucket. This will look nice, and it will also double as an ice bucket for serving ice-cold beer.

Choose different brews and flavors. has a wide collection of beer lover’s gift baskets. These usually come in selections of origin or brew type. For this, you can include these types of beers in your gift basket.

International beers – Some beer lovers are fond of brews from around the world. You can include beers from different continents like Europe and Asia. Some of the more well-known brands around the world include Sapporo from Japan, Guinness from Ireland, Tsing Tao from China and Fosters from Australia.
Different brews – Beer lovers may have a preference for what kind of brew they want, but would also want to try other kinds of brews. You can include pale pilsen (the most common), lager, Guinness, and other kinds of brews. You can be as creative as you want with the kind of selections you will include in the beer gift basket.

Add snacks and condiments. What is beer without chips? Beer is best consumed eating finger foods and spending time with friends and loved ones (like watching the Super Bowl, for instance). Unless you want your buddy rushing off to the grocery store for chips while drinking beer, include some snacks in your gift basket. You can include chips, dips, nuts, crackers and even cheese.

Include accessories. Many people prefer drinking their beer straight from the bottle. However, some love the experience of drinking from a frosty mug, where they can pour the beer at just the right speed and angle for the best head (the froth that forms when you pour beer). Be sure to include these accessories in your beer lover’s gift basket. You can add in a bottle opener, a mug, and even a coaster.

When in doubt, ask your friend what kind of beers he wants, and if he has a preference for snacks. Lastly, the best way to present the gift is by giving the beers chilled. That way, you and your friend can immediately enjoy your gift while watching football, tailgating or just spending a an evening chatting.

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