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How To Create a Fake ID


Whether you are a minor looking to score a pack of smokes and a six pack or get into a titty bar, then you will want to know how to create a fake ID.  Well, technically, it is difficult to do it since you need certain machinery that can print IDs with the same security features as that of the ID that you are trying to emulate.  In addition, since it is illegal to do it, you might want to just stick with creating fake IDs for novelty purposes.  Whatever is the reason, here are some tips that you can explore in order to create your fake ID.

Make sure you have what you need.  If you want to create quality fake IDs that look real, then you will definitely need a PVC ID printer.  However, since you are probably a minor, you will not be able to afford this equipment since it costs quite a lot of dough.  This being the case, you can settle with a laser or inkjet printer.  You will need a computer with a graphics editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.  Finally, you will need a lamination machine and nice cardstock paper.
Download a template.  In order to download a template of the ID you want to emulate, you will have to know the ins and outs of the Internet.  Technically, if you are used to using various peer to peer downloading applications like Limewire and Ares, then you can easily do a search using it and come up with tons of templates to download.  Using UTorrent and downloading in torrent downloading sites like and should get you some nice templates as well.
Edit the template.  This is where it will get a bit tricky.  First off, you will need to maintain the same font that the original ID that you want to knock off uses.  Traditionally, most of the valid IDs such as the driver’s license use an Arial font.  So, make sure you use the same font.  In any case, open the template with your graphics editing software and start filling in the fields with your information.  The information will include the name, address, date of birth, and face and body descriptions.  For some fields, you may need to know the right abbreviation.  Do some research on this or refer to a real ID.  Once that is done, insert your picture into the template.  The ID will need an authorized signature as well.  What you can do for the signature is scan the signature on a real ID and edit it to look real then insert it into the template as well.
Add a bar code.  Most of the valid IDs will have a bar code.  Passports and driver’s licenses use this to legitimize the ID.  Now, although you cannot really add a legitimate bar code that will pass digital scanning, you still need to place it in so that it will at least look real.  To get a bar code that you can insert into the template, search for a free bar code generator on the Internet.  If you are creating a fake driver’s license, then you will need a PDF427 bar code generator.
Print and cut it.  Once the template has been edited with all the necessary aspects to make it look real integrated, prepare it for printing and print it using your preferred printer.  As soon as it comes out, cut it to the appropriate size and laminate the sucker.  Make sure to insert a hologram to ensure total validity as well.  For the process of imprinting a hologram, look for more information about it on the Internet. 

While this process is to create a novelty fake ID that looks a little bit like the real thing, you can actually make something much more believable by purchasing advanced printing equipment and editing software.  However, if you do go through that door, be prepared of the consequence since the US government is really cracking down on the fake ID industry and they might set their sights on you which you definitely do not want.

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