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How To Create an Outstanding Brochure Design


Brochures are the conventional marketing tools used by businesses worldwide. Although there are tons of other marketing mediums that you can use to get your message out to your market, brochures are still a major component of every marketing campaign. However, not everyone knows how to maximize the potential marketing power of a well designed brochure. There are several methods that you can combine to create an interesting and well designed brochure that will pique the interest of your potential customers.

Determine the brochures transport. The brochures transport is just another terms to represent how the brochures will be given to your market. Depending on your marketing campaign, you will want to employ several strategies in combination to ensure that your brochures reach your intended audience. Combine handing out brochures in malls and groceries, displaying brochures on the racks of a particular establishment, and the brochure handed out after every purchase or transaction of a customer. Determine the strategies you will use to determine the most effective design for the brochures.

Use a unique shape. Most brochures will come in the standard three fold format or a greeting card shape. Since these shapes are commonly used, it will be significantly more appealing to use a unique shape and style for your brochure. Some businesses have used a triangular two-fold brochure for a unique style. Companies promoting products relevant to Valentine’s Day or love use brochures in the shape of a heart. Since these are not the conventional shapes of brochures, the people who receive the brochures will be intrigued and mystified enough to look inside and read the meat of your brochure.

Design the front. The front cover of your brochure is the area of your brochure that should be as awesome and appealing as it can be. The front is what the people will initially see when they first take a gander at it. It is important that the design on the front will encourage them to want to know more. If they do, they will open the brochure and read the more detailed information that you want your potential customers to read. This is the objective that you want the brochure to achieve. You will want them to read what is inside.

Make it short and simple. If you have designed the cover in a way that it motivates people to open the brochure, then your next step will be to organize the information inside in a way that it will be easy to read. For colors, do not use a lot of colors in the brochure design. Two or three colors should be used at most. Too many colors may disorient the reader. For the text, make sure to keep it short and simple. Too much information can overwhelm the reader. Short bullet points should do.

Include visuals. Aside from the text, include a good amount of visuals. Studies have proven that motivation can be increased by adding images that will trigger a person’s senses. Make sure to include several images to visualize certain points in the information.

Aside from the tips stated above, do not forget to include contact information in your brochure. If you have designed the brochure that will pique the interest and curiosity of the person, then you will want them to locate your contact information easily. Test out a few samples of your brochure with random people and see if the reaction is positive before mass printing it.

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