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How To Cut Sexy T-Shirts


You’ve probably watched those TV commercials with car wash girls in cut-off pants and sexy T-shirts. The wet look probably compliments their appeal. But the cut-off shirts are sexy in themselves. If you have some old T-shirts you’re planning to throw out, don’t just put them in the recycling bin yet. Better yet, go for oversized shirts your boyfriend or brother has discarded. These are best for cutting into sexy T-shirts.

Cut the sleeves. One way to make an old T-shirt look sexy is by cutting the sleeves at the seams. This way, you can show off your shoulders. This would also be a great alternative to a swimsuit cover-up. Rather than use a robe or sarong, you can use an oversized shirt with ripped-off sleeves. You can cut the sleeves using scissors, or you can rip out the stitches for a more rugged look.

Cut the bottom. Another way to make sexy cut-off T-shirts is by cutting the bottom part. You can have this in two ways: a simple cut-off, which will show off your midriff, or tying up the shirt at the bottom. If you’d like it as a simple cut-off, you can use scissors to cut the shirt right at the bottom of your bust-line. If you’re the adventurous type, then you can even cut off the shirt to just below the nipple line. You’ll be showing more skin, but this can make for a good cover-up for a bikini top.

For a more conservative, but still sexy, look, cut off a vertical line at the front or back of the shirt, and tie this up in a knot either above your belly button or at the small of your back. If the shirt is quite loose, you can cut an inverted V at the bottom, and you can tie this up.

Cut the collar or neck. If your chest is your most flattering feature, you can show off some cleavage by cutting off the collar or the neck of your shirt. You can cut a vertical line from the center of the neck. You can remove the collar and round neck altogether, to show off more of your nape or neck.

You can also cut off your old shirts using any combination of these. You can turn a loose, oversized shirt into a sleeveless shirt that you can tie up at the front or at the back.

Cut-off shirts can be worn by themselves, but if the material is too loose or thin, you run the risk of having wardrobe malfunctions. It’s best to wear these cut-offs over a snug tank top or over a swimsuit.

Sexy cut T-shirts work best with cut-off shorts. These can easily be done with old jeans with the use of scissors. This is best done with tight-fitting jeans, for a sexy look. For a worn-out look, you can even pull on the bottom to expose some threads form the jeans.

Cutting off old shirts and jeans is a good way to recycle clothes that you will otherwise be throwing away. This way, you can feel sexy and help the environment at the same time.

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