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How To Decorate Church Pews for Weddings


Everyone expects his or her wedding day to be perfect. From the dresses to decorations, everything must be well planned and organized to help achieve a magical atmosphere for the special day. Some of the most important things to consider when decorating and planning your wedding are the church pews. Whether you decide to use a traditional or a modern theme, you can be sure that the decoration of church pews can greatly affect the ambience of your wedding ceremony.

If you want your wedding day to be remembered forever, here are some things to consider when decorating church pews for your special day.

Choose how many church pews you wish to decorate. Typically, couples choose the first 5 or 6 church pews on each side. These are the seats reserved for the bride and groom’s families and closest friends.
Select a design that will match the look of the church. It is very essential to match the design with the style of the church. If you want your wedding to take place in an old church, you should select a design that is traditional and simple. For modern-looking churches, using a contemporary design is okay.
Try making use of traditional yet inexpensive décor. You don’t have to spend a lot of money when decorating church pews. You can try using traditional yet inexpensive wedding décors such as tulle. This popular wedding decoration can help you attain a grand effect for an affordable price.

You could also try attaching ribbon into your tulle and use colors that will match your motif. If you decide to go to a more traditional theme, white colored tulle and ribbons can be a good choice. You can also experiment by mixing white colors with your color motif.

Use flowers to beautify church pews. A flower is possibly the most important symbol in weddings. If you want to decorate church pews, you might want to make use of flowers. This will create a more colorful and peaceful effect in the church. You could also match the flowers you will use on church pews on your bouquet. If you can’t afford this, just try to use a specific flower type for each church pew.
You can also use candles to decorate church pews. Candles can help create a more romantic ambience in the church. You can try using candles and decorate it according to your wedding theme. Place it on the side of each church pew. However, it is not advisable to light the candle as this may cause fire problems. What you can do is to include the candles in the flowers you will use. Remember that candles are just for decoration.
You can also use potted plants instead of regular flowers. Some couples prefer potted plants instead of regular flowers. This is a more economical choice as compared to flowers.

These are the things to consider when decorating church pews for your wedding day. If you want to add some finishing touches, you might want to use baskets filled with petals at each end of the pews. On your wedding day, every detail is important.

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