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How To Design an Effective Church Brochure


Whether you need to advertise a one-time event, a particular ministry, or an established congregation, advertising with a brochure campaign can be a helpful tool with intentional planning. Like any other brochure, your church brochure should grab the reader’s attention, convey helpful information about your organization, and leave a positive lasting impression. Here are some helpful tips to remember when designing your church brochure printing project.

Step 1
Audience – Newcomers/non-Christians or church members, specific ministries or events – the target audience you are trying to reach will influence the design of your brochures. First of all, is the brochure for members or visitors? This will guide the content, such as various ministries to be involved in or an explanation of your church’s purpose in the community and to each individual. The content of your brochure should be welcoming and simple, an invitation.

Step 2
Name – If you have an established church logo, be sure it is used in the brochure so that the church is quickly identified with the information being read. In addition to your church’s name or logo, include contact information – address, phone number, email, website, and service times.

Step 3
Authenticity – Avoid using condescending language. The tone of your brochure printing should be an authentic desire to reach out to both Christians and non-Christians. Use photos of your church congregation as opposed to stock photos and religious icons and clip art. High quality images of folks enjoying church events and fellowship are more effective than lots of paragraphs describing it. Also useful would be testimonies of how real people have been touched by the ministry of the church through outreach to members and the community.

Step 4
Uniqueness – Briefly state how your church is filling a need. What is it that draws people to your congregation? Be truthful and relevant to the culture and needs of your community. Add a little humor and lightheartedness, offer opportunities for newcomers to find their own niche of involvement or service to use their gifts and talents. A powerful call to action is useful in your church brochure printing to make people feel wanted and needed.

Step 5
Simplicity – Keep it simple, be brief, and leave some details unstated in the brochure – get readers excited to see what they will find when they attend and to ask parishioners about various opportunities. Before sending your brochure printing project to the printing company, pass around a couple of samples and get some feedback, making changes as needed.

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