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How To Find a Grave in Arlington National Cemetery


Arlington National Cemetery is one of the oldest military cemeteries in the United States. It is administered by the US Department of the Navy. Located across the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., the Arlington National Cemetery is located in the former estate of the wife of Robert E. Lee, Mary Anna Custis-Lee. Casualties of all the wars the United States was involved in as well as veterans are interred at the Arlington National Cemetery. Tours around the cemetery are available for a fee.

You can visit the cemetery and find a chronicle to the nation’s history, honor war heroes or to pay your last respects to a loved one. If you are trying to find a grave of a war hero in Arlington National Cemetery, here are some tips on what you should do.

If you know the location of the grave it will be very easy for you to drive down or make a trip to the Arlington National Cemetery. If you intend to use your car inside the cemetery you have to send a written request to the administration department of the cemetery. Otherwise you can park you car in the parking lot and pay the fee and board the cemetery’s Tourmobile to take you to your destination.
You can send a formal request to be given the location of a particular grave if you absolutely have no idea where it is. You request should include a valid reason or reasons why you have to find the particular grave. You have to send the letter of request to the cemetery’s administrative department through the Freedom of Information Request Officer and wait for your request to be granted.
If you are just going to look for the graves of some of the most notable heroes and war veterans you may inquire at the Visitors Center when you are already at the cemetery. The staff at the Visitors Center will be able to give you the location of these popular graves like the resting places of President John F. Kennedy, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Colonel Ruth G. Bradley, Audie Murphy, Robert F. Kennedy, Abner Doubleday, and Glenn Miller.
You can also search online to find a grave at Arlington National Cemetery. One site that you can use is You can go to the website and search for Arlington National Cemetery and type the first and last names of the person who are searching for in the cemetery’s page. The site will give you some information on the person as well as trivia if available and the plot and section where the grave is located.
You can also find a grave in Arlington National Cemetery by checking the website of the National Gravesite Locator of the US Department of Veteran Affairs. Provide the information requested such as first, middle and last names, date of birth and death if known and choose Arlington National Cemetery from the dropdown menu. Click the Go button once you have entered the information and wait for the information page to appear. You can also click a link to a map of the cemetery and a directional arrow pointing you in the right direction.

While at the Arlington National Cemetery do take the time to visit the graves of the other war veterans that helped shape the history of the United States. It is steeped in history and a place where you can honor the known and unknown heroes that helped keep the rest of the American citizens safe.

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