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How To Find Dish Network Deals and Channels in America


Dish Network is a direct broadcast satellite service with 14 million subscribers in the United States and Mexico. Formerly known as Echostar, it offers hundreds of channels to its subscribers with packages customized to fit the budget.

If you’re looking for more than the usual TV fare, then Dish is the answer to your quest.

Here’s how to find Dish Network deals and channels in America on the Internet.  The Dish Network’s official website is simply spilling over with irresistible deals to satisfy genuine TV fans. Couch potatoes will love the discounted packages that are offered for as low as $24.99 a year for 120 channels. If that isn’t enough for you, you can subscribe to other available packages offering more channels. Clicking on this will lead you to Dish Network “TV Everywhere” packages that let you remote-access your Dish Network TV from your laptop, iPod, and iTouch phone. This is in partnership with Apple so this application must be bought from the App Store and then you must log into your Dish account to enable activation. Dish Network is on Facebook, and has over 6,000 fans. Add Dish to your Facebook account and become a fan. Get the latest scoop on Dish deals that you won’t find anywhere else. Currently, Dish offers HBO and Showtime free for a 3-month period. and You can also follow Dish on Twitter for special announcements and watch the latest updates on You Tube. Got questions about Dish Network’s best selling packages and channel offerings? Call, email, and engage in a chat for anything Dish-related any time and any day of the week. Yes, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Here’s how to find Dish Network deals and channels in America on TV Guide, on TV, and through partner retailers.

TV Guide.  You can find Dish announcements on every issue of TV Guide. If you’re already a subscriber to TV Guide, you might want to read the pages again as you might have missed announcements on packages and channels.

Commercials. Have you seen the latest Dish commercial at Dish is in the business of communication and broadcasting so populating their channels with TV commercials promoting any of the promos, packages, and channels is a step in the right direction. It goes straight to the customers – YOU.

Dish Retailers. These are authorized partner merchants who service Dish Network subscribers and would-be subscribers from Alabama to Wyoming. If you look closely that means dealers are scattered from any US State that begins with any letter on the alphabet. Now that’s a lot of Dish partners.  To verify the authenticity of the retailer, you can visit or call Dish Network directly at their toll-free number.

Dish Network also regularly publishes press releases on their official website, social networking sites, and in your local newspaper. Definitely, finding great deals and channels on Dish won’t be a problem. Rest assured that wherever you are, a Dish Network is close by. It’s your viewing habits and your fondness for TV that might pose a problem. Stock up on popcorn, chips, and soda, Dish Network will surely conquer your family’s heart.

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