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How To Get a Toll Free Telephone Number


Getting a toll free number is a very valuable tool for a business. It can even be a valuable addition to your home if you happen to have someone who is out of town who calls on a regular basis, like a child at college, a loved one in an institution or another family member who does not have access to a phone with long distance capabilities. Toll free numbers are much less expensive than accepting collect calls from people on a regular basis.

Businesses who add a toll free line have instantly made their business appear bigger. Often we assume that toll free numbers are a big business accoutrement. Therefore if we want to appear bigger than we really are, the toll free number is the way to go. You will typically see an immediate increase in the number of calls your company receives. People gravitate towards using toll free numbers and will call companies that have them more often than those without. That often translates into more sales.

Step 1
Your telephone service provider or long-distance provider is the logical first contact point for a toll free number. Start by calling them for a price quote. All the big name long distance companies and telephone service providers offer toll free phone numbers that can be added to your current phone service using a different ring. In such cases the cost of the service can often simply be added to your current bill. This may not be the least expensive option however.

Step 2
There are toll free number service providers which specialize in toll free numbers only. These providers typically have more competitive rates than you would find with your long distance carrier. A simple online search can provide you with multiple providers to contact for pricing, conditions and contract details.

Step 3
The least expensive way to get a toll free number, and the way that is growing most in popularity, is through a VOIP or Voice over IP system. This allows you to make and receive long distance phone calls, or toll free calls, over your computer that is connected to the Internet. The drawbacks include the fact that you will not have a toll free line if your computer is down or if you are having problems with your Internet connection. In addition, it does not always offer the same quality as a landline.

Having a toll free number at work or at home offers others the ultimate in convenience when it comes to contacting you. However, you are the person who will pay the bill at the end of the month. If your toll free calls are from customers who are placing orders it may be easy to accept the cost. However, if you have a toll free home line, it can easily get out of hand. The best way to handle such a line is to give it only to certain people with strict instructions for them not to share it. This will allow you to pay for only the calls you want to.

Get a toll free number today from any of the different sources and open up the lines of communication.

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