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How to Improve Pinterest Image Optimizaion



It is important to make sure your images grab the attention of fellow Pinterest users, when more than 12 million Pinterest users posting pictures to this image based social network.  A properly optimized image pin can make all the difference between more repins or no repins.

Be sure to upload your own images at least for a while.  Re-pinning is a good idea but it has less chance of going viral.

Make sure the name of your image contains your targeted key word.  ‘Jan2012_23456_7890.jpg’ is not going to rank as well as ‘new-apple-ipod.jpg’.

Pin from a variety of different sources as opposed to one specific site.  Re-pinning, liking and commenting all play a strong role on where your image will appear.

You can able to add a link by editing your pin.  Pinterest descriptions can be up to 500 characters, so try to use them all.

All ways remember that Pinterst is social media, not an advertising platform.  Often comment, like and re-pin other people’s images.  Getting more followers means more power.

Create a variety of different boards and make sure the names of the boards are keyword rich.

Key to social media is to empower people to share your content.  So add the ‘follow’ button and the ‘Pin It’ button to your websites.

Always try to express your personality and brand.

Videos can be pinned to Pinterest but just YouTube videos are currently embedded and can be watched on the site.

As Pinterest is visual, make sure your images are beautiful.

Following a profile means you are following all of their boards.  you can also choose to follow individual boards.  Comments are a great way to connect with people.

Most links on Pinterest are nofollows but they are a strong social factor in search engine algorithms.

More repins means more links to your site, which brings you more traffic since a repin keeps the original source link.

Unlike Facebook, Pinterest allows search engines to crawl their sit and many boards are showing up in Google search results. Whatever you tittle your board will be used as part of your Pinterest URL, so use keywords in both your title and your description.

Give these tips a try and let us know if they make a difference on your Pinterest boards.

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