How To Improve Your Google AdSense Click Through Rate

Google Adsense CTR
Google Adsense CTR

If you are using Google Adsense Ads to monetize your website and you want to improve Google Adsense click through rate (CTR) on your website, these tips will definitely help you.

When you are an AdSense publisher you know that the more clicks you get the better. Therefore we are constantly trying to improve our AdSense click through rate by optimizing our Ad placements. When you see your AdSense CTR dropping or simply not increasing along with your impressions then its time to experiment and test everything.

What is the Google AdSense click through rate?

The Google AdSense click through rate is the percentage of website visitors that click on your ads. For example if you have one visitor to your website in a day and they click on an AdSense ad then you have 100% click through rate. If you have 100 visitors come to your website and to visitors click on your ads then you have a 2% click through rate.

Why would you want to improve your Google AdSense click through rate?

People often want to improve their Google AdSense click through rate to earn more money. If you have invested time into your website and believe that the content is valuable, then it is time to earn more money and increase your AdSense click through rate.

Here are a few things to try when trying to improve your Google AdSense Click Through Rate (CTR):

Make your Google AdSense ads a prominent feature

If you want to improve your AdSense click through rate you should not have too many other options for people to click on. For example when they visit a post the AdSense advertising should be an option for them to click through to. If you do have any other links around the post or in the post they should be leading to another article on your website with more AdSense on it.

Make your AdSense look like part of your content

If you have links on your website that are blue then blue text ads for AdSense are a good idea because it will look like part of your content. Do not make the ads look ugly. They need to blend in and loo like a menu or extra options to click on.

Write killer content to improve your AdSense click through rate

Can Google AdSense pinpoint what your content is about? If you are getting ads that did not relate to your articles then this would be your fault. You need to make sure that each article is clearly about one subject and is search engine optimized to help Google decide what ads to put there. You can use Google Adsense section targeting if you feel that Google is not giving you the right ads.

Experiment with ad positions

You cannot just play sure ads on your website and expect them to get a good click through rate. You need to optimize them in every way. Just because an ad position works for one website does not mean that it will work for you, therefore you need to do some experimenting.

Do some research on keywords

What keywords are bringing your website visitors to your website? If they are finding your website by typing in a keyword that has a low CPC then this is not good for your earnings or your click through rate. Google AdSense wants targeted visitors to click on targeted ads. For example if someone searched for “free desktop wallpaper” and found a computer website with virus program adds they would be less likely to convert than a person that had searched for “virus software”.

All of the above tips and tricks to improve your AdSense click through rate will definitely give you something to work on for starters.

Be patient. If you are a new Google Adsense publisher, please remember one thing: BE PATIENT. You won’t become a millionaire within a night. Everything takes time (unless you already have huge amount of traffic).

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