How to Improve Your Resume and Get That Job


Job market is getting tougher by the year and so our resume-writing skills need to change accordingly. The fact is that in our day and age, employers don’t have much time to research the candidates and, according to the studies, they only spend about 6 seconds looking at your resume. That is your allotted time to capture the attention of the employer and make him or her want to know more about you. Before you even face the potential boss, your resume needs to stand out among the others and give you that chance. Here are 10 tips to upgrade your resume game and get you any job you want.

1. Make a good first impression

As we already said, you will have just a few seconds to make the potential employer skimming your resume want to read on. That’s why you need to leave a good first impression and make the resume stand out from the moment somebody lays eyes on it.

First of all, make your resume reader-friendly. Use bullet points instead of paragraphs so that the most important points are easy to see. Also, capture the reader’s attention by using some subtle colors, such as indigo blue, and put some points in bold. We don’t read from top to bottom anymore, so you need to catch the reader’s eye in the right way.

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