How to Increase Adsense Income


Google Adsense
Google Adsense

AdSense is a pay-per-click (PPC) program that can give you advertising revenue from each page on your website with a minimal investment in time and no additional resources.

Google AdSense delivers relevant ads that are targeted to the content people find on your site.

In many advertising networks and websites, including AdSense, the advertiser is charged for advertising their ad only when a user clicks on their ad. How much they pay (for that click) is called their Cost Per Click or CPC.

Here you will find some simple and effective AdSense tips that will increase your revenue:

Blend your Ads:

* You should choose colors of the units effectively. Try to make it look natural, Insert it inside the post in a manner that reader could not differentiate between Ads and post text. Don’t use shaggy and non-matching colors in order to catch eyes of visitor. It catches the eye long enough to feel nonsense coming on.
* Try to avoid Border color option in your content units as it differentiates your ad from other portion. It simply means that “Here’s my Ad, don’t look at it.” It acts like a cage or prison for your ads.
* If people can easily spot your ads as soon as they find your site, they learn to avoid them. And never… ever… put them all by themselves at the bottom of the page.

Effective placement of Ads:

* Place your Ads on high profile areas. You can know which area of your blog appeals most and place those units by taking it into consideration. Don’t go hiding ads in the bottom corner and then complaining that Adsense sucks and you aren’t making any money.
* Use the Google Heatmap to help you determine where the best spots are to place Adsense code. The best area is right above content. The orange areas are hot zones, the yellow is mild, and the white is ice cold. This will vary blog-by-blog but it’s a good general indication of what works.

Use competitive Ad-filter:

* There are some advertisers on Adsense which pays as little as 0.01$ Use ad-filter insite your adsense account to block these sites from advertising on your sites.
* By using the filter, you can block these sites from advertising on your blog. In your Adsense control pannel simply click on the “Competitive Ad Filter” tab and enter the URL you wish to block. It’s that easy.

Keyword Targeting:

* Try to use that keyword or phrase as much as possible, without becoming too repetitive and Google will pick that up and match it to relevant ads.
* Using <!–google_ad_section_start–> at the beginning of the section you want to target and <!–google_ad_section_end–> at the end of the targeted section will ensure that Google delivers relevant ads to your site.

Choose the right AdSense format:

Wider formats are successful because the ads are compact, easy to read and are complementary to the content. The top three AdSense formats are:

* 336×280 large rectangle
* 300×250 medium rectangle
* 160×600 wide skyscraper

Another successful format is the 468×15 horizontal ad links, that can be placed under your navigation bar.

Write a New Page Every Day:

One of the best tips is to add a new page to your web site every day.  The more content you have, the more visitors you will get. Put an Adsense unit on each and every content page of your site.

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