How to Index Your Site as Quickly as Possible in Google Search

Google Search Results
Google Search Results

If you want to get your website as quickly as possible in Google’s search results then you must make sure that your website offers everything that is needed by Google:

* Your server must allow Google to index your pages

Check your robots.txt file and remove the “disallow” lines if necessary. Make sure that your web pages don’t contain “noindex” tags. Your web server should not use bot blocking software or cloaking scripts, either. These can prevent Google’s bot from indexing your pages.

* Your web pages must be meaningful to Google

If you have a one-page website or if your website is a pure Flash site then chances are Google won’t find enough useful content on your pages.

Optimize as many pages of your website as possible to show Google that your website is full of valuable content that should be presented to web searchers. The more useful content Google finds on your website, the more likely it is that your pages will get high rankings.

* Your web pages must have good backlinks

The more links point to your website, the more often Google’s bot will visit your web pages. The more backlinks your website has, the faster Google will show your website on the search result pages.

You have to wait for some time

Before Google displays your website in the search results, you have to wait for some time:

* Technical reasons:

After publishing your optimized web pages, you have to wait until Google’s indexing bot visits your website. When the bot comes, it might not crawl your whole website. In addition, not all of the crawled web pages might be indexed.

The indexed pages have to be parsed to assign them to search queries. Google also rates the quality of your website and compares the content of your web pages to other pages. The whole process takes some time. The more backlinks your website has, the faster this process will be.

* Algorithmic reasons:

Google needs some time to trust the quality of a page. If you have a new website, it takes longer until Google trusts your site. The older your website and the more backlinks your website has, the sooner Google will trust your site.

* Keyword reasons:

It takes longer to get high rankings for more competitive keywords. If you need fast results, start with less competitive keywords and then target the more competitive keywords when your website has multiple top 10 rankings for less competitive terms. It will be much easier then to get high rankings for the competitive terms.

Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut to Google’s top results. If you want to get high rankings on Google as quickly as possible, you have to offer Google optimized high quality content and good backlinks.

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