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How To Mail Clasp Envelopes


Clasp envelopes are envelopes that have metal clasps attached to them.  The clasps are used to seal the flap of the envelope to the rest of the envelope.  It makes the envelope more secure and prevents the letter from opening accidentally during delivery.  Here is how to mail clasp envelopes properly.

Insert your letter into the clasp envelope.  Fold your letter so that your letter fits inside the clasp envelope completely.  If the letter is made of sturdy material and can’t be folded, get a clasp envelope where the letter will fit adequately.  Use a standard envelope to make sure that it will be processed properly.  The clasp envelope must have a rectangular shape.  It must be from 5 to 11.5 inches long, 3.5 to 6.125 inches wide, and .007 to 0.25 inches thick.

Use the envelope’s clasps.  The metal clasps serve as an additional measure in guarding the safety of the letter.  To use the metal clasps, squeeze it in such a way that the metal parts meet.  Push the joined metal clasps through the hole at the flap.  When the metal clasps have entered the hole, push the clasps and flatten them towards the envelope.  The clasps seal the flap to the rest of the envelope.

Seal the envelope’s flap.  Wet the flap of the envelope and seal it completely.  If the envelope doesn’t have a gummed flap, use glue, paste, or tape to make the flap stick to the rest of the envelope.  Use good quality materials in sealing the clasp envelope to prevent the letter from slipping out during delivery in case the metal clasp comes off.

Tape the metal clasps.  The metal clasps may cut through other mail that the letter is delivered with.  The clasps may become stuck with other mail and come off.  To prevent this from happening, tape the metal clasps.  The tape provides a smooth, non-cutting surface and protects the clasps.

Write details about the letter’s recipient.  Write the recipient’s complete name on the center of the envelope.  Below that line, write the recipient’s street number, street address, and if he’s living in an apartment, his apartment number.  On the line below that, write your recipient’s city, state, and ZIP code.

Write your name and return address.  When the recipient is not at the place where the letter is addressed to, the letter is returned to you.  To make the post office know where to send back the letter, write down your complete name on the upper left corner of the clasp envelope.  Below your name, write your street number, street name, and apartment number (if you have one).  Below that line, write your city, state, and the ZIP code of your residence.

Place a stamp.  Buy a stamp from your post office or a store which sells stamps.  Stick the stamp on the upper right hand corner of the clasp envelope.

Weigh the clasp envelope.  Weigh your envelope.  If your clasp envelope weighs less than 16 ounces, you can drop your envelope to your mailbox.  If the envelope is heavier, go to your post office during office hours and have it delivered.

To make your mail more secure, use good quality mail clasp envelopes.  Buy only from trusted brands, and know what other buyers have to say about the product.  Keep your clasp envelopes in a safe place to make them last longer.

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