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How To Make a Bowling Party Invitation


An integral element of a bowling party, or any party for that matter, is the invitation. Although there are ready-made bowling party invitations on the Internet, it is much more practical if you make your own. After all, making bowling party invitations is quite easy. And this how-to article will help you.

Decide on the invitation pattern. There are two common patterns for a bowling party invitation. One is the bowling ball and the other one is the bowling pin. Both are easy to make, but choose one that you think you can pull off.
Make the pattern. Let’s say you decide to make a bowling ball invitation. Simply trace a circle on a hard paper. The circle can have a diameter of three to four inches, although you can have it a bit bigger for as long as it will fit into your envelope. Cut the circle pattern and use it to make your invitation. If you decide to make a bowling pin invitation, consider drawing a bowling pin on a hard paper. Start with the crown. Then continue by drawing the neck and the belly. It is best if you have a picture of a bowling pin to copy. When done drawing, cut the pattern.
Trace the pattern. If you are making a bowling ball invitation, you need to make use of a construction paper or any colored paper. Fold it in half. Then, trace the bowling ball pattern onto the paper, making sure to leave out the folded side. The folded side will keep the front and back parts of the invitation together. If you are making a bowling pin invitation, you need to use a white paper. Trace the bowling pin the same way.
Cut the invitation. Now that you have the pattern on the paper, you can begin cutting out the invitation. Make sure to follow the traced pattern, avoiding the folded side. If you cut the folded part, you will end up having separate front and back parts. After cutting the invitation, take some time to trim the shape of the bowling ball or bowling pin. Be very careful because when you over-trim, you might ruin the shape or make the invitation much smaller than it should be.
Complete the look. If you are making a bowling ball invitation, you need to make three holes on the paper, which should represent the finger holes. If yours is a bowling pin invitation, cut two strips of red paper and glue them to the neck of the pin, leaving a tiny horizontal space in between the strips.
Provide the party details. This is the most important part of making a bowling party invitation. Write all the necessary information—date, time, and venue—on the invitation and leave a contact number for the RSVP. Also, indicate other details like the need to wear own bowling shoes and to bring snacks. Inform the guests as well if there are car pool arrangements. Make sure to use bowling terms in wording your invitation such as strike, alley, and bowling ball.

Finally, slip your invitation in your envelope. The envelope can be the ordinary white type, although you can also make a bowling-designed envelope. Make sure to mail or hand-deliver the invitation at least a week before the party.

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