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How To Make an Indoor Zen Pebble Arrangement


Zen is more than just a mindset. It also must flow smoothly into your space. One of the favorites in Zen-themed places is the use of lovely pebble arrangements. Pebbles provide for a very natural and relaxing aura. It is important that you are able to make the right indoor Zen pebble arrangement to continue to foster relaxation, serenity and happiness in your home. Foster positive energy and harness it from your Zen pebble arrangement by following these steps:

Location. The first thing you need to consider is where you will place your indoor Zen arrangement. You can choose a spacious place, since Zen rooms are often characterized by wide spaces and simple elements.

Pebble sizes and types. You can choose to have uniform-sized pebbles placed on a glass dish, or you can have a mix of pebbles to choose from. A unique example of a pebble is the Bamboo Zen Pebbles.  Pebble sizes and types, when varied, provide more exciting options as you decorate your home with it.

Texture. The texture of your Zen pebbles are generally smooth, although they register different effects visually when you place in different types of Zen pebbles together. Create a very interesting texture look at the surface by letting your imagination design the placement of your pebbles.

Layering. You can also choose to stack one pebble after another or form a pathway on the floor through the use of pebbles. Attach the stacks of pebbles with subtle elements such as glue gun. In some instances, you can buy pre-made layers of pebbles of different sizes to save you the trouble of having to glue it in a most subtle way.

Construction. Construction need to be as relaxed and as spontaneous as possible. This is where you put all the elements together in the space that you have chosen. It is very important that you evaluate from time to time the overall harmony and peace being emanated by your construction.

Pebble Tiling. Tile Direct offers you with a nice pebble tiling. But you have a variety of options. A good mix may have a very prestigious origin such as Zen pebbles from Bali. Pebble tiling is quite easy to install since you will just have to fill selected portions of your area’s floor.

Accessories. Smarin Design’s Pebble Sofa is an appropriate type of accessory for a pebble-arranged room. You can also choose Zen fountains and other additional accessories that can further promote peace and serenity.

Aside from your Indoor Zen pebble arrangement, you can also try checking out other Zen-inspired elements such as a quiet Zen garden or Zen living room. This way, all your rooms at home are synchronized and well-matched to each other. You can also choose to distribute your pebble arrangements to different locations in your home. This way, there will be continuity in your pebble arrangement indoors. Make your pebble arrangements as flexible as possible so that you can also make the necessary changes that will allow you modify your pebble arrangement from time to time.

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