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How To Make Confetti Eggs


Confetti eggs are also known as cascarones. These eggs are usually seen in parties. They are regular eggs that are filled with different kinds of treats. Before, confetti eggs used to contain only confetti. The egg gets broken by hand over the head of a person in order for that person to be showered with confetti. Nowadays, there are different treats that can be put inside the confetti eggs, such as small candies and chocolates.

If you are hosting a party and you want to celebrate using confetti eggs, you don’t have to worry about your budget. These confetti eggs are available in party stores but they can be quite expensive. You can create your own confetti eggs. Just preserve the egg shells whenever you cook eggs.

Here are the steps on how you can make your own confetti eggs for parties:

Materials. Gather all the materials that you are going to use for the confetti eggs. You will need eggs, ribbons, confetti, candies, glue, sequins, glitters, paint brush egg cartons and a needle. If you are going to prepare the egg confetti with kids, you won’t need the needle.

Emptying the egg. The first step is of course, to empty the egg. To do this, Poke one end of the egg with a needle and carefully drain the contents of the egg out. You can also do this with your finger. Gently chip off small portions of the egg so that it will be easier for you to fit the confetti inside. You can use the eggs to make an omelet.

Clean the eggs. Clean the eggs with soap and water to get rid of all egg mucus inside the shell. Dry the eggs by putting them upside down so that the water can drain out of the hole that you made. While waiting for the eggs to dry, proceed with the next steps.

Prepare the confetti. Prepare the confetti that you will put inside the egg. Cut out ribbons and pieces of art paper in smaller pieces. You can also add sequins inside the egg.

Filling the eggs. Make sure that the eggs are completely dry inside before you do this step. Fill the eggs with confetti, being careful not to break the shell. You can also add candies, jellybeans and chocolates inside. Do not pack the confetti and other treats tightly as the egg may break. Leave some space.

Seal and decorate. Seal the eggs using the egg cartons and the glue. After sealing, you can further decorate the confetti eggs by painting over them or sticking some sequins and ribbons on them. You can also draw on the eggs using different colored markers.

These are the simple steps on how you can make your own confetti eggs! Now, you won’t have to run to the party store every time you host a party in your house. It is advisable that you do the cracking of the eggs outdoors as this activity can leave your house messy. You can clean the egg shells and confetti from the ground by using a vacuum.

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