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How To Make Covered Hula Hoops


Hula hoops are great fun for everyone and also promote good health. Even if you are stationary, it still promotes movement and making it on your own allows you to customize it as you please. Here is how to make covered hula hoops:

Plan your project. Before you begin, make sure you take the time out to plan out your project. Take the time out to think about your design, the materials you want to use and the like. This allows you to be more organized and efficient. It is true that a project like this is not the most complicated endeavor but good planning and preparation will always be beneficial. Gather all the things you need and set up your work area. Draw up some preliminary designs of what that hula hoop is supposed to look like. Test out different types of materials so that you know which one will be best for the project.
Materials needed. For this project, you will need a few items, some more difficult to acquire than others. First, you need your tubing. Get enough 100 psi ¾-inch tubing, similar to what they use for irrigation and you will also need pipe coupling and plastic beads. Next, you also want some electrical tape (or small duct tape), a cutter or gardener’s shears and some pipe insulation foam. Finally, you need a bucket or large basin of hot water or any regular hair dryer.
The basic framework. You want to cut your tubing to the right measurements. Bend it around your waist, making it look like a hula hoop. You do not want it to be too narrow that you cannot spin it around you, but on the other hand, if it is too big, it will be harder to control. Once you have found the right length, cut the tubing to those specifications. Now to make it more flexible and easier to manipulate. Dip one of the ends in hot water or direct the hairy dryer at it to make it more pliable. This end then goes into the pipe coupling. Heat the other end and insert the plastic beads. Once it is ready, insert it in the other end of the pipe coupling. Wrap electrical tape around the coupling to secure the two ends.
Covering your hula hoop. Cover your tubing with the foam insulation. Try to use as thin a foam as possible. Make sure you go the entire length of the tubing. If you need to, secure it with more tape. You can use colored tape and leave it like that or use other materials to decorate your hula hoop like paints, stickers and the like. Remember to do this as neatly as possible or else you hula hoop will not perform the way you want it to.

Making a covered hula hoop might seem like a chore but it is much easier than you think. You can make them as thick and insulated as you want, as well as design them in any way you want, so it should be a breeze for you to produce the best possible hula hoop.

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