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How To Make Homemade Bubble Liquid


As a child, you may have found yourself very eager to play with, or obsessed with bubbles, more especially those bubble liquids that you can produce yourself just by whiffing on them. These bubble creations are surely both entertaining and fascinating. Growing up, you may have lost the opportunity to play with these bubble liquids. However, you can still relive your childhood by introducing this fun solution to your child, nieces or nephews. By using materials that you probably have within your household, you can create your own bubble solution. In a few minutes, you will definitely see yourself blowing those fascinating bubbles yourself!

Prepare the materials. For this procedure, you will need a soap dishwashing liquid, water and corn syrup, ultra ivory blue and glycerin. Any brand will work for the soap dishwashing liquid, but Joy dishwashing liquid will still be the top choice because of its bubble solutions. Use at least one cup of the Ultra Ivory Blue and at least one tablespoon of glycerin.

Determine a standard measuring instrument to use. To measure the water, the dishwashing liquid and the corn syrup, you must use a standard measuring device. This is because the measurements of the ingredients you will use in this process must be handled very carefully and exactly. For this, you can use a small cup or a small bowl depending on the amount of bubble solution you plan to make.

Mix the ingredients. After preparing all the necessary ingredients, you can now mix them in a large container. Mix six parts of water, two parts of the dishwashing liquid, ¾ part of corn syrup, ¾ tablespoon of glycerin and one cup of Ultra Ivory Blue. After this, shake the mixture vigorously. Doing this will incite the production of bubbles once you begin using the solution. If you feel like doing it, you can also use food coloring so that your solution will be colored. In that case, playing with the bubbles would definitely become more enjoyable.

As an additional task, prepare the container of the bubble liquid solution. After making the bubble solution, you can now proceed to preparing its container. This is a key part of the process since children also want to take hold of cute containers for their bubble solution. You have several options for the container. You can reuse pipe cleaners. You have to cover them with some art or colored papers and put on some designs for a nice look. You can also use cookie cutters or yogurt lids, depending on the amount of bubble solution you will store and the shape you like for your container.

Playing with bubbles is undeniably a fun thing to do. Whether you are a child or an adult, seeing bubbles around can induce a relaxing mood. De-stress yourself away! Do those bubble liquids and enjoy this side of your life!

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