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How To Make Ice Cube Candles


One of the famous types of candle is the ice cube candle. They are candle shapes made from the gaps and spaces from melted ice cubes. If you want to make your own set of these lovely candles at home, all you need is a bit of imagination and some creative ideas. Follow these guidelines.

Organize the materials. You will need a box of ½ gallon fresh milk or any similar pack. Next, bring out a box of paraffin wax, 6 inches of wick, used candles, different colors of crayons, small leaves for ornaments, and ice cubes. You can add other ornaments that you want to include in your candle. Just remember not to put too many things. The candle must still be 85 percent made of wax to make it stable during use.
Quickly wash the milk carton. First, you need to cut out the upper part of the milk carton to make it easier for filling later on. After this, clean its inside with running water. Take care not to drench the carton so it will not become soggy. 
Put the small leaves in the carton. Place them in a patterned way at the base of the box. Do this when the carton is already dry.
Tie a washer at one end of the wick. Place the washer together with the wick inside the milk carton right in the middle. Place the other end of the wick at the edge of the carton. Set aside.
Melt the wax. Heat the cooking pot first then put the paraffin wax. Make sure the wax is melted thoroughly. Then put the old candles and melt them next. This will make your candle stronger. After the candles had melted, put in the different colored crayons one by one. Stir to make patterns. At this point you can add candle scent if you like. Transfer the still-hot wax into the milk carton.
Place the wick in the milk carton. As you pour the wax into the milk carton slowly, position the wick in the middle on the carton. Hold in place until the container is ¾ filled with wax.
Pour the ice cubes into the milk carton. Gently drop the ice cubes into the wax. Be sure not to splash the hot wax. Put ice cubes until the container is filled. The cubes must be submerged in the wax. During this process, the wick must still be kept pinned in the middle. Wait until the cubes melt and the wax completely solidified.
Take out the melted ice from the container. After this, you must now tear off the milk container gently. The candle will be full of water so you must tear it off in a sink. Dry the candle with towel. Place the candle on a small plate and light it to give the room a nice glow.

The spaces and holes created by the ice cubes will create a dazzling visual effect. The good thing about ice cube candles is that you will never know the shape of the candle until it is done. The design is always new with every try.

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