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How To Make Metals Shine


Making metal shine is a tough and daunting chore to keep up with, for most people. Aside from being difficult, cleaning metal decorations at home is quite an expensive project. Metal polishers need to be purchased and there are even different kinds of polishers to use in handling different kinds of metals. Little do people know that there are a number of inexpensive ways on how this task can be accomplished. Even better is the fact that the items used for cleaning can be easily found at home.

Vinegar Solution. Mixing water and vinegar proves to be a very good way to take out those dark stains that you see under your pans made of aluminum. Get the pan that you would like to clean ready and fill it in with water. A tablespoon of vinegar should be added to a fourths cup of water. Follow this ratio in cleaning the pan. When the solution has been placed in the pan, you’d like to bring it to a boil and allow it to do so for a good 10 minutes.

Lemon Solution. Mixing water and lemon makes a good cure to discolored utensils made of aluminum. Do this by preparing a pan where your utensils can fit. Fill the pan with water and lemon juice mixture and allow it to boil. Once it boils, leave it for another ten minutes. Another option to remove discoloration on the utensil is to use the juice of the lemon. Dip the piece of cloth in the lemon juice and use this to rub the utensils. Once done, pour boiling water onto the utensils to rinse off the juice. You will see how the shine has been restored. Essentially, lemon and salt also helps clean brass and copper. This mixture simply needs to be rubbed on the surface of the metal. When done, they can be cleaned off and dried.

Sour milk. Sour milk is a good agent in making silverware shine. It also works on removing stains to discolored silverware. Pour the sour milk in a container and put in the silverware that needs to be cleaned. Leave the silverware in the container with sour milk for about ten hours. Once done, clean off the silverware using cold water. Rinse it another time with hot water and use a clean cloth to dry it.

Salt. Salt is an effective ingredient in ensuring that the process of rubbing silver will be easy. What this means is that salt can be rubbed on the pieces before they are polished. This makes cleaning easier and not become a tedious process.

Soap. Soap can be used in keeping off soot from pans that are used in cooking outdoors. All that needs to be done is for soap to be rubbed on the surface of the pan. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and use hot ware to rinse it off. You will see how soap will break off the soot from the pans.

Making metal shine need not be too tedious neither should it be a dreadful task for people. All that you need is the knowledge and understanding that cleaners need not be abrasive and at the same time expensive. What this means is that you do not have to spend a lot on cleaners and polishers and what’s best is that the shine of your metal items at home can definitely be restored easily.

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