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How To Make Monuments Out of Popsicle Sticks


The biggest honor that can be given to hold an event, a place or a person in memory is to build a monument for it. Everywhere around the world, monuments are built to give credit to a specific event or a hometown hero. Often times, the culture and history of every society are reflected from the structures that they have built. Unfortunately, not everyone can build a monument. For one, it is very expensive and the sheer size can take ages to build. So what’s a person to do? Build a monument from the next best thing… by using popsicle sticks! It is relatively easy to make a monument using these everyday items, all you need are a few things and you’re ready to go. If you want to learn how to make one and what items you will be require, read the following tips below.

Things you’ll need. By going to your local hardware store or supermarket, you will be able to purchase popsicle sticks. Now, as for the volume, it is dependent on the size of the monument you plan to build. For example, you are planning to build a popsicle monument of the Eiffel Tower, which is 986 feet in height. Then, say you are planning to have an equivalent of 100 feet per popsicle stick, you will be needing at least a couple hundred sticks for the structure alone. You will also need glue to hold the pieces together, a can of Shellac for the finish, and a few pictures of the monument you plan to build for reference.
Process. The first step you must take before building the monument is to make the base of the structure. The base is what will hold the monument in its place to avoid unfortunate moments that the structure will lose its integrity. Do this by simply lining up the popsicle sticks together lengthwise and gluing them. As for the thickness, you can repeat this process and place one base on top of the other and gluing them together to make a much thicker base. As for the structure, carefully model your monument by looking at the pictures that you have for reference. Having a couple of images that are close-ups of the monuments can really be beneficial in this task. Glue all the pieces together and let dry overnight.

Making a monument out of popsicle sticks is a really fun yet tedious task. It requires time and patience to build but fun, nonetheless. Whether you are making one for a school project, to honor someone or just for the heck of it, remember to do it in the best that you can. As mentioned, you should be patient and take your time while building a monument. The more you pay attention to detail the better your results will be. You can also say that a task like this is a character-building one by the sheer effort that a person must put into creating a structure out of popsicle sticks. Good luck!

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