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How To Make Wrapping Paper from a Brown Bag


One of the first things that school children will have to do for their books is to cover them with brown bags. Although plastic covers that come in a variety of sizes are now available for easily covering up the books and notepads, there are still schools that insist on the traditional brown bag. But apart from tradition and the cheap brown bags, a brown bag makes excellent wrapping paper because it is easy to decorate as well. Here’s how.

Cut. The brown bag is usually from groceries and is used for holding goods in. as such, they are quite durable paper products. Cut these open and remover the bottom of the bags so that you will have a solid sheet of rectangular brown bags.
Position. Next, take the textbook that you will cover and position this carefully in the middle of the rectangular solid sheet of brown paper. Take one side of the brown paper and wrap it around a flab of the book, and fold in the edges so that there is enough space for the covering to wrap inside the book cover. Take the other side of the brown paper bag and wrap it on the other side, again folding in the edges of the paper.
Trim the top and bottom. Next, you will need to trim the top and bottom of the covers. You will need a scissor and a pencil. Use the pencil to draw a diagonal about half an inch from the top of the notebook, near the spine. Do this on both sides, and then cut off the portion of paper that you have marked out near the spine. Repeat this process for the bottom part of the book.
Trim the flaps. Once the spine area is trimmed, the last part that you will need to trim is the flaps near the corners of the paper. You will need to create a diagonal cut on the excess flaps on the top, starting from the corners of the notebook to the corner of the paper which is folded unto the notebook. Cut these off using scissors, with the horizontal line of the top and bottom of the notebooks as the third edge of the triangle that you will remove from the corner flaps.
Fold. Now that the corner and spine has been trimmed, you can refold the top and bottom flaps into the book that you are covering. Press on the edges of the book so that the creases are kept in shape. Usually, this will work by itself, although you can also attach tape to the intersection of the flaps inside the corners of the book, to further secure these.
Using other types of paper. Apart from the usual brown paper bags, you can also use newspaper and comic book pages to cover the notebooks. Keep in mind, whoever, that these may stain the inner leaves and your clothes as you carry the books.

With the brown bag covers on the books, your kids can take the books to school without having to worry about stains and scratches on the precious textbooks.

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