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How To Make Your Own Scented Glass Cleaner


There are many recipes for creating your own homemade glass cleaner. But while glass cleaners are easy enough to make, adding scents is a twist that will not only make the glass cleaner more fun to make, but which will also add a fresh scent to your home after your cleaning sessions. Here’s how you can make scented glass cleaners.

Prepare the materials. You will need a spray bottle in the size that you want. These are usually available for a dollar or so in most supermarkets, although you can also use the old spray bottles from commercially made glass cleaners. Next, you will also need a bottle of white vinegar, some rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol, and the herbs of your choice. Among the common herbs that you can use is rosemary, basil, or mint.
Add the ingredients. Open the spray bottle and pour in the white vinegar until half of the bottle is filled. Once this is done, the next ingredient to place into the bottle is a few spoonfuls of rubbing alcohol which will provide the antiseptic properties for the glass cleaner. Afterwards, fill in the rest of the bottle with water, leaving only enough room for two spoonfuls of the herbs of your choice.
Soaking period. The herbs should be allowed to set in the mixture for two days at least. The longer you allow the herbs to infuse in the mixture, the stronger the scent of the glass cleaner will be. In some instances, the glass cleaners are used as the primary fragrance for a room, so that other air fresheners and scented candles will no longer need to be used to keep the room smelling fresh. If this is the case, you will need to add more herbs to make the scent stronger. Allow the herbs to soak into the vinegar solution for a longer period of time.
Usage. To use the scented glass cleaner, simply spray this onto the surface of the glass that you are trying to clean. Use soft fabrics such as chamois or microfiber cloths, which will not damage the sensitive surface of glass wares and glass panels. For very stubborn dirt and stains, allow the mixture to soak into the glass for about ten minutes, after which the stains should easily come off from the glass.
Experiment with other scents. One of the best things about scented glass cleaners is that there are wide number of scents that you can use. If you have a few cinnamon sticks lying around the house, you can use these to infuse scents into the cleaner. You can also use orange peels and the skins of various citrus fruits. For hard to find scents, you can also put in essential oils such as sandalwood. Or, you can dry rose petals or jasmine petals and use these to add scent to your glass cleaners.

In just a few easy steps and using materials that are readily available in your kitchen, you will be able to make your own scented glass cleaner that smells great and cleans effectively.

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