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How To Market Your Invention


You have spent a lot of time and effort in developing and creating your invention, and now it is time that you earn from it. Everything starts with marketing your invention-tapping manufacturers and investors and bringing the invention close to the buying public. Keep in mind, however, that marketing is a whole different thing. It will require you to meet new people, bargain, and possibly compromise. And although it is not nearly as hard as inventing, marketing requires a sharp mind and people skills. You certainly need help on this, so here are a few tips.

Prepare your invention. Before you publicize your invention, make sure it is all ready. Any issues regarding the design, make, and function should be all settled. What you want is to convince the manufacturers or investors that your invention is ready for manufacturing, so make sure to give them all the reasons to invest in your invention.
Spread the word. You have several options for this. One is by using the Internet. Create a website where you can put all the necessary information about the invention. In a clear and precise manner, detail what your invention is for, its benefits, and how it is different from other products of the same nature. Invite visitors to leave a comment, so you can have a more interactive platform to discuss the invention. Aside from establishing your online presence, you can also join trade shows. Trade shows can lead you to potential manufacturers and investors who are always on the lookout for impressive discoveries.
Communicate with your contacts. You probably know around 20 people who can potentially lead you to investors-a former professor, a former boss, a university classmate, or a family friend. Let them know of your invention and tell them that you are currently looking for someone who can financially support you and help you introduce the invention to the market. If your invention is really promising, you won’t have to wait long for an investor.
Tap the media. Start with the local media; send a press release to the local newspapers and TV networks. If you create a good story angle, you might find your invention in the local press. And if you are successful in creating buzz in the local scene, it is possible that the national media will take note of you, too. And if that happens, amiably grant every request for an interview or photo shoot. The more exposure you have, the better.
Accept speaking invitations. Open yourself to speaking engagements, which may be organized by a civic group, church, school, and professional organization. Take a speaking engagement as an opportunity to extensively talk about your invention. Welcome questions from the audience, so you can discuss other things that are not covered by your talk.
Talk to your lawyer. Aside from walking you through the legalities of creating and marketing an invention, you lawyer can also help you market your invention. He probably has other clients who are engaged in developing inventions and manufacturing them for consumer use.

Marketing an invention is never easy. At almost every phase, the challenge is for you to prove the commercial and practical value of your invention. But don’t swim in anxiety; instead, enjoy all difficulties. If your invention becomes a huge success, you can look back at the challenges with pride.

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