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How To Melt Glass at Home


If you are looking for an interesting hobby, melting glass and creating wares and decorative items from glass should be one of your options. Glass melting, when done properly, can help you create intricate and very delicate patterns that will be perfect for decorating your home or creating small and hand crafted glass beads that you can use for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Here’s how.

Choose your glass. There are many types of glass that can be melted. Keep in mind, however, that various types of glass have various properties that will manifest itself in how these glass pieces will melt. Some glass pieces can be molten together while others will not melt with other types of glass, while others still will melt faster and harden up faster. This can result in cracks when you are cooling down the molten glass. Starters can use borosilicate, while more advanced glass melting enthusiasts can make use of other products such as glass wine bottles lying around the house.
Purchase your melting kit. You will need a kiln and a blow torch. While some will start with only one or the other, you will need both if you want to have the widest range of products from your glass melting activities. The kiln will help to slowly melt large batches of glass, while the blow torch will help you to melt portions of glasses, and is useful if you are going to blow up glasses to create pots and vases. Keep in mind, however, that a kiln and a blow torch will cost you. These will range anywhere from five to ten thousand dollars. If you know someone who has practiced glass melting in the past, you can purchase his or her kiln and blowtorch for a smaller price.
Do your homework. Next, you will need to read up on glass melting. Keep in mind that glass melting is a skill. You do not simply place the glass in the kiln and expect it to melt. Each type of glass has a specific type of melting point, and a specific type of characteristic, such as color, flexibility, and cooling time. There are websites and books that you can use to learn more about glass melting, but the best way to learn is by hiring an instructor. Some community colleges will have specialized courses on glass melting.
Work on a glass project. Once you know the basics of glass blowing, it is time for you to start working on your first glass project. This can be as simple as creating beads from drops of melted glass. If you are more experienced and more adventurous, on the other hand, you can also create vases, plates, and other glass wares.

The best way to be efficient in your craft is by practicing a lot. Make sure that you spend some time on your hobby. Create a schedule if you have to. Also, try to incorporate this hobby into your livelihood. You can sell the glass wares that you make. For instance, this will give you the opportunity and the motivation to practice on your craft.

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