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How To Melt Glass Wine Bottles


If you have plenty of glass wine bottles lying around the house, one project that you can work on is melting the glass wine bottles in order to create fancy decorations around the house. Because these bottles are made out of glass, you can make almost all types of glass works from them, ranging from beads to other decorative pieces that you can place around the house. Here’s how.

Read up. Start by reading up on the various techniques to be used in melting glass wine bottles. Because melting glass wine bottles is basically a type of glass melting, you should also read up on the basics of glass melting. Look up books on how to use kilns and blow torches, and do research on the types of glasses that are used to create wine glasses. Read up on the properties of these glasses. You can also ask an instructor to teach you the basics of wine glass melting.
Clean the bottles. Collect all of the wine glass bottles lying around the house. You will need to clean these thoroughly, especially since small dirt can turn into residues that will mar the overall finished product that you are trying to create. You will need to remove the labels and soak the bottles to remove the residues of glue on the surface of the wine glass bottles. Remove the few drops of wine inside the bottles as well and rinse the insides.
Choosing a technique. Generally, there are two types of techniques that can be used to create art out of empty wine glass bottles. These techniques are called molding and slumping. Molding involves using molds where you will drape the soft and molten wine glass bottles. Slumping, on the other hand, is a technique where you will shape the molten glass wine bottles without the use of molds. The type of wine glass melting technique that you will use will depend on the designs that you are trying to create.
Molding and slumping. For molding, you will need to use a piece of copper wire that will be attached to the mouth of the bottle. The bottle will then be attached on top of the kiln, and as you heat up, the bottle will become softer and will drip down to the mold and conform to the shape of the mold. If you are using slumping, on the other hand, you will only need to place the bottle in an upright position on the kiln. The bottle will slump down as the heat is added.
Fire up. Heating up the wine glass bottles requires some technique. You will need to get the bottle into a temperature of about 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow the bottle to remain in this temperature for up three hours. Afterwards, you will need to increase the temperature to 1300. Once this temperature is reached in slow increments of 250 degrees each, you will need to push the temperature up to 1475, at which point the bottle will melt.

When the bottle has molten to the shape that you want, you will need to cool it to the starting temperature of 1100. Any cooler and the glass will break. Do this for half an hour, after which you will need to allow the glass to stay at a constant 850 degree Fahrenheit for up to three hours. Afterwards, take the glass out of the kiln and allow cooling down to room temperature.

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