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How To Mine Chalcopyrite


If you want to make money from copper, one of the best ways is to mine your own chalcopyrite. Chalcopyrite is one of the most common ores in areas where you find copper. While mining these mineral ores is not easy, the yield can be very great especially since copper is used in a wide variety of materials ranging from electronics to kitchenware.

Find the site. The first step is to find sites where there is plenty of chalcopyrite. If you have never seen chalcopyrite before, it is best to hire someone who has been trained in spotting these types of mineral deposits. Usually, the chalcopyrite is found in formations of igneous rock. Apart from this, the mineral usually has plenty of sulfides during chemical testing.
Survey. Once you have discovered a site that will yield you with chalcopyrite, the next step is for you to survey the area and test the amount of copper that will be available when you mine the area. Keep in mind that the amount of copper must be large enough to provide you with enough profit to compensate for the cost of hiring miners, purchasing equipment, and moving them into the area that will be mined. You will need to check the veins of the chalcopyrite ore and make sure that it is long enough. Also look for telltale sighs such as stones and rocks that have a distinctly yellowing color, or a greenish color.
Bring in the equipment. Once you have decided on the spot, the next step is to bring in equipment. The types of equipment you bring will vary depending on what type of chalcopyrite miner you are. If you are an industrial chalcopyrite miner, you will need to invest in heavy machinery that will cost millions of dollars. There are, however, hobby miners that will only need hammers and small tools to extract sample specimens of the chalcopyrite. 
Removing the ores and crushing. You will need to drill holes on the surface of the ground where the ore deposits are found. The holes will be the receptacles where explosives are usually placed. The explosives will then ground the soil up and make it easier for you to transport the ores to the refinery. In the refinery, you will need to further crush the ores into smaller pieces that will allow you to remove the copper from the chalcopyrite. Large trucks are usually used to move tons of crushed rocks from the mining site to the refinery site.
Smelting. Once the rocks have been crushed to a small enough size, the final step is to smelt the rocks. In the smelting stage, the ores are heated to a very high temperature, which will separate the copper from the rocks. The copper will then be extracted and poured off into molds. Once the molds have hardened, you can sell the copper.

Mining copper ore is not easy but for hobbyists, finding raw copper ores by themselves can be a very rewarding experience. And if you are a commercial miner, mining copper ores can be very profitable as well.

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