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How To Mix Polyester Resin


Polyester resin has been known for its many uses and unquestionable durability. It is typically relied on to address crack and hole patching particularly those requiring a watertight finish. It has been a consistent component in the manufacture of boats, kayaks, surfboards, and other water vehicles. Due to its functionality it would be of great advantage on your part to have an understanding on how proper mixture of polyester resin is done. Take a look.

1.    Execute under ideal conditions. Polyester resin is a flammable compound. Having such knowledge you should avoid handling and mixing this substance in an environment under extreme temperature. You should be on the look out for heat sources that can lead to a potential explosion. Moreover, perform the mixing procedure within an area of good ventilation. A good example is an open garage or outdoor facility.

2.    Bring in the MEKP. MEKP or methyl ethyl ketone peroxide is the catalyst combined with polyester resin to start the curing process. Use a heavy duty plastic bucket or tub to accommodate the mixture of the two compounds. Make sure that you follow the correct ratio. Standards indicate that a gallon of polyester resin should be paired up with an ounce of MEKP. In cases that small amounts are needed you can look into these ratios:

½ oz. MEKP for every 64 oz. of polyester resin
¼ oz. MEKP for every 32 oz. of polyester resin
1/8 oz. MEKP for every 16 oz. of polyester resin
20 drops of MEKP for every ounce of polyester resin

3.    Watch your stirring. Begin your stirring escapade using a wooden stirrer. Make sure to do it slowly and gently so as to ensure proper union of the two compounds. There are times when you would need to stir from the bottom of the container, as polyester resin tends to situate itself on top of the mixture. Your objective is to arrive at a consistency similar to that of toothpaste. This would be your cue in determining if the two products have fully combined.

4.    Add color to your finish. You can add color mix but be sure to follow the prescribed amount as indicated on the manufacturer’s label. Once you have successfully applied the polyester resin you can add glow to the surface by utilizing wax powder. Be sure to adhere to indicated amounts in order to arrive at your desired outcome.

5.    Timing can help prevent wastage. It will take around 15 to 20 minutes before the resin mixture hardens so make sure you have finished the application before time runs out. It would even be better if you can get a close estimate of how much you need for your project because in doing so you not only save on money and material but you get to finish your work without unwanted and unnecessary delays.

At times chemical reactions can be very unstable and unpredictable. That is why you have to consider your safety and that of others as well. Never fail to adhere to the guidelines set by the manufacturers of the product you need to utilize. A simple error can equate to a very traumatic and life-threatening situation.

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