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How To Order Personalized Breast Cancer Pins


There are many reasons why a person wants to wear a personalized breast cancer pin. Some people want it as a remembrance of a loved one who died of breast cancer while others wear it to remind them of their battle with breast cancer. Other people want the breast cancer pin to support fund-raising drive for awareness programs or studies about breast cancer. You have your reasons why you want to order personalized breast cancer pins. Whatever it is, the steps below will guide you through the process:

Look for websites offering personalized breast cancer pins. There are websites for fund-raising campaigns while there are also websites that are purely for business. Some of the best websites to visit are OneInEight, Personalized Cause, and ImprintItems. Conventional online stores like eBay and Amazon also have products like personalized breast cancer pins. You may choose the website depending on your personal preference. Most for cause pins are more expensive than the commercial counterparts. But if helping matters to you more, then shelve out extra dollars for the cause.
Choose the pin’s design. Almost all websites offering personalized breast cancer pins have more designs to choose from. Most of these, however, will have the popular pink ribbon that symbolizes breast cancer. Pins vary on different shapes, too. There are regular plate-like pins and there are metal-shaped pins. There are even beaded pins and stone-studded pins. There are even handcrafted pins. But these are not as sturdy as the usual pins.
Choose the size. Sizes also vary. There are pins that are as big as three inches while there are small pins that are smaller than an inch. Available sizes depend on the design. Most shaped metal pins will not go beyond one inch while the plated pins can be as big as three inches.
Decide on how many personalize pins you will order. It is possible to order one piece up to thousands of pieces. Ordering a piece is more expensive. It can cost about $15 to $20 while ordering a hundred pieces can cost about $3 per pin. Ordering a thousand pieces can be about $1 per pin and ordering 10,000 pieces can cost about $0.5 per pin. The more pieces you order will usually make the per-piece price cheaper.
Check the website’s policies. Refunds, returns, and other issues might be raised against the seller or store. It is important that you are well protected as a buyer. Read the store’s rules and if you agree on the terms, then it’s time to make your order.
Order. Online stores have an order page, where you will specify what you want, the name that will be put on the pin, how many pieces, and where the pins will be delivered. These data are needed so that the seller can compute how much you will pay. Some order pages have automatic computation of how much you have to pay. Simply enter your credit card number, send money through the bank, or wire transfer. Sellers have their preferred payment method. Choose the most comfortable option for you.

Wearing personalized breast cancer pin is a simple way to show your support. The battle is not over yet because many people are still suffering from breast cancer. Many might still die and many are still vulnerable. Wearing a pin is a simple way to help. But if you can, do more than just wearing a pin. Be informed and share your knowledge about breast cancer. As the old saying goes, “teaching people is saving them.”

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