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How To Plan Office Olympics


An office Olympics is a fun way to develop camaraderie, promote teamwork, and establish friendly rivalry and competition among officemates. Usually utilized as an icebreaker or warm-up activity, Office Olympics is particularly a good convention or meeting opener. If you are tasked to plan Office Olympics for your next office activity, here are some points to consider.

Know the number of participants. If you know the right headcount, you can come up with games that are appropriate to the number of attendees. This way, you can avoid games that will require participants more than the number of your attendees. In the same way, you can avoid planning games that require only a small portion of the attendees, leaving others as mere audience. Your goal here is to get everyone involved. There should be no wallflowers.
Diversify the teams. Another goal of the Office Olympics is to make your attendees at ease with one another. Therefore, you need to diversify the teams by mixing people from different groups. For instance, build one team with participants from various departments. If there are cliques in your office, break them apart and distribute the members to different teams. Avoid grouping together friends and cliques. They should mingle with other people to further solidify the spirit of teamwork in your workplace.
Make a line-up of games. Office Olympics should be composed of different fun-filled games. The games should particularly be physically and intellectually stimulating, with emphasis on problem-solving skills, creativity, endurance, and patience. Avoid games that can present physical harms to the participants. This is especially important if you have old participants. Keep the games light and entertaining. Anything that will require participants to use brute force against one another should be automatically scratched off. Remember, the goal is to get everybody acquainted.
Gather your game props. After making a line-up of games, your next task is to collect all the things you will need for the game. For instance, if you will stage a balloon relay, purchase balloons of different colors and assign one color to each team. If you are going to use office supplies, such as staples, clips, and papers, make sure you bring with you enough pieces to the venue.
Formulate clear and fair rules. Just like the real Olympics, your Office Olympics should follow a set of clear and fair rules. These rules shall direct the flow of the game, determine the winners, and decide on point deductions and disqualifications. After formulating, check the rules for loopholes and weak points. Then, make necessary modifications until the rules are infallible. Before the game, carefully explain the rules to the participants. And make sure everyone understands them to avoid arguments later on.

To get the feel of the real Olympics, declare gold, silver, and bronze winners. Present them with awards, which can be as simple as candy bars to as grand as lunch treats. Stage an awarding ceremony after the games and have your company president, or anyone in high position, make a short congratulatory speech.

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