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How To Print a Coupon Book


If you have a business, for sure, you want to create more sources of revenue to increase your profit. The most common way of doing so is through aggressive marketing, enticing special offers, and wholesaling. But aside from these strategies, you can also sell coupon books. In simplest terms, coupon books are a bunch of coupons piled together as one book, which may vary in its purpose, design, size and number of coupons.

Selling coupon books is an effective way of increasing your business’ profit. While some coupon books contain paid coupons which you can readily exchange for items, goods or services, other coupons simply contain coupons which you can present at the counter to get discounts on specified items. At the end of the day, it allows you, as a business proprietor, to pre-sell your goods at wholesale quantities, or at the very least, it allows you to put up a price for the discounts that your customers get, as the book itself is for sale. Furthermore, coupon books also serve as additional advertisement of your business, in a similar way how flyers do.

So how do you make coupon books? You can either look for a printing shop that will do the job for you or you can simply make your own. The first option seems to be uneconomic since printing shops usually put a high mark up on their products and services. Remember you goal is to increase your profit. The better way, of course, is to simply make your own coupon book. If you don’t know how to make a coupon book, continue reading this article and learn how to make one.

Design your coupons. There are a lot of ways of designing coupon books. One is by using templates. If you prefer to use this option, you can download templates in the Internet. Some are for free, while some are for sale. The only problem in using templates is that they have fixed designs, which you can’t probably alter to suit your business. Another way of making coupon books is designing it yourself. If you’re artistic and at the same time a hands-on type of person, then this is the better option for you. Include your business’ trademark, trade name and/or logo.
Choose the correct type of paper. It is best for you to use glossy paper to add more appeal to you coupon book. If your coupons have high resolution photos on them, it is advisable for you to use photo paper instead of ordinary glossy paper.
Print the coupon books. Depending on the software that you’re using, select that icon that would enable you to print your coupon book. For example, if you’re using Microsoft Word, then click the Microsoft logo at the upper left part of the page, then select print, or you can simply press control + p. Make sure that the printer is turned on, that the wires connecting the printer to the computer are properly attached, and that the papers are properly stacked to the printer.
Cut the coupons and put them together. Use scissors or paper cutter to cut the coupons. Punch a hole at the upper left part of each coupon. See to it that the holes are located in exactly the same position in each coupon. Stack the coupons in the order that you want them to be, and put a string through the hole. Tie the string securely.

There you have you coupon book!

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