How To Properly Format Your Emails

email marketing
email marketing

Something most people don’t pay enough attention to is the formatting of your emails. This is critical to getting a higher response to your emails.

If your emails aren’t formatted correctly, it’s going to be difficult for your subscribers to read them, or they might end up just not reading it at all.

One critical factor to keep in mind with formatting is that most auto-responder service providers will limit each line of your email to 65 characters wide.

What this means is that if your email goes over 65 characters on a line, the auto-responder service will wrap the text to the next line, which can generally make the email look pretty messy.

So what you want to do is to limit each line of your email to less than 65 characters. Just hit ‘enter’ before the 65 character limit and keep it consistent throughout the entire email.

Another thing you want to do to make your emails more readable is to keep your paragraphs short, and break them up with empty lines to create more white space.

Take a look at these two sample emails:

As you can see, the way the first email is formatted would make it extremely difficult and cumbersome to read.

You need to format your emails similar to the second sample so it’s easy to read and will actually get a decent response.

Use a lot of white space in your email to break up the sentences and paragraphs, and don’t be afraid to emphasis specific sentences, like a call to action, on a single line by itself.

It will help to make it stand out from the rest of the email, so you’re making it easier for the reader to see the most important parts of the email and take action on it.

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