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How To Put Together a Round Trampoline


Although a bit challenging, the process of assembling a round trampoline is almost the same in all models. When you buy a trampoline, an instruction manual is most likely provided in the box. But to give you an idea, here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow.

Choose a place to assemble the trampoline. Make sure to assemble the trampoline in an area where you want to use it. Remember that relocating an already set up trampoline is quite hard and requires a number of hands to hold all points of the frame to keep it flat. For the trampoline to work properly, all parts should remain well-attached and fitted after the relocation.
Take out all the parts. Before assembling, remove all the parts from the box and neatly lay them out on a flat surface. Make sure to group together all like parts. Be extra careful when handling the parts, though. Some are quite small and can be easily misplaced.
Be familiar with the parts. It is important that you know the parts of the trampoline so you can easily put them all together. Depending on the manufacturer, trampoline parts are different in structure. Generally though, trampoline has a frame made up of top rails, leg base sections, and leg extensions. It also has springs, frame pads, elastic loops, and mat.
Assemble the frame. Now that you are familiar with the trampoline parts, you can begin doing the frame. First, gather the top rails, leg base sections, and leg extensions. Then, connect leg extensions to both ends of the leg base, making a W-like leg assembly. Complete the process until you have joined all the leg extensions to the leg bases. Next, connect both ends of the leg assembly to the top rails using a T-connector. The vertical ends of the T-connector should be inserted to the sockets of two top rails, while the horizontal end should fit into one leg of the leg assembly. Continue to attach top rails and leg assemblies to complete the round frame of the trampoline. When already assembled, the frame should stand on its own.
Fit the mat onto the frame. Spread the mat across the frame. Then, begin to attach springs at four points of the frame, making sure each spring has equal distance from each other. Put another set of four springs in between the first four springs. Continue to attach more sets of four springs this way until all points have springs.
Attach the frame pads. Begin by threading the elastic toggle through the eyelets of the frame pads. Then, lay each frame pad on the spring, allowing the elastic toggle to come around the spring and strap it to the frame. When the springs are all attached, the trampoline is ready to use.

Although the guide above can help you assemble your trampoline, it is still best to read and follow the instruction manual that comes with your trampoline. Your trampoline may have parts and assembling techniques that are model-specific.

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