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How To Re-Dye Jeans


One of the facts of life that you need to accept is that your jeans will eventually fade as you wash and use them. For a time, faded and ripped designer jeans became popular. If you are the type of person who likes sharply and deeply colored jeans, however, the eventual fade that your jeans will encounter can be troublesome. Instead of throwing away your faded jeans or storing them in the back of the closet, however, you can actually re-dye your jeans to return them to their original dark color. Here’s how.

Get your dyes. First, you need dyes for your jeans. The most accessible dye for your jeans is the RIT dye. This type of dye works well for jeans and has a rich navy blue color that works well for most jeans. There are also other colors that you can try out, however. RIT dye is inexpensive and can be purchased in most craft shops and in Wal-Mart and other major supermarkets. If you have extra money to spare, however, you can use better dyes that will last for a longer time, such as Dharma dyes. Whatever the type of dye you are using, choose the powdered dyes which are much easier to use.

Preparing your jeans. Next, take your jeans and make sure that you have cleaned it and removed all of the spots and stains in it. Remember, adding dye does not mean that the stains will be covered up. It can even make the stains look more prominent. There are plenty of spot removal products available in the market, such as the RIT Super Stain Remover. Also make sure that the pants have been washed. Dirt in the pants can result in blotches in the dye.

Mixing the dye. Next, take three to five gallons of hot water. Dyes will only be activated when mixed with hot water. The minimum temperature for the hot water is 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, or more. Denim jeans are usually very strong and will take the heat fairly well. If you are dyeing jeans that have cotton, linen, rayon, or ramie materials mixed into it, then you should add a cup of salt to the mixture. The salt will make it easier for the dyes to be absorbed into the cotton.

Soaking your jeans. Once the mixture is prepared, place the jeans in the solution. Make sure that the jeans are fully immersed. Use a spatula to move the jeans around and get the entirety of the jeans soaked. Otherwise, some parts of the jeans may not soak the dye evenly. As a general rule, the longer that you leave the jeans in the dye, the better the absorption will be and the darker the color will be. An hour of soaking is recommended. Make sure that the water remains hot.

After dyeing, wash the jeans in cool water and allow to dry as normal. If you think that the color is too light, you can choose to dye the jeans again until you have achieved the perfect color for your jeans.

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