How to Recover Rankings After Google Search Algorithm Change?

Google Search Algorithm
Google Search

Recently Google make changes to their search engine algorithm and many websites get affected with 50% drop in traffic.  But now Google realized it had made some mistakes and as taking appeals from innocent sites that were unfairly affected.

As per Google statement, there is no ‘whitelist’ that people are being put on, nor is there some type of ‘blacklist’ that the “Farmer” update went after.

Instead, Google rolled out a Big change to its algorithm last week, targeted not to any particular sites but which instead was meant to dispossess content considered to be of “low quality” or “shallow” from having top rankings.

What to do if you feel if you were hit by the Google’s ‘Farmer’ Algorithm Update unfairly?

Google says: Sites that believe they have been adversely impacted by the change should be sure to extensively evaluate their site quality. In particular, it’s important to note that low quality pages on one part of a site can impact the overall ranking of that site. Publishers who believe they’ve been impacted can also post in our webmaster forums to let us know. We will consider feedback from publishers and the community as we continue to refine our algorithms.

Google now has an official thread in its webmaster forums for those who think they’ve been affected adversely by the update. You’ll find it here.

After appeal to Google at above thread you can consider following points:

If your site has been impacted by this Algorithm change, keep in mind that this change was not a manual action and doesn’t target specific sites. Google can’t therefore manually restore a site’s rankings. This change is based entirely on algorithmic signals.

Now its time to have a look at your analytics data:

1) What’s the bounce rate of the site from search? Do searchers click through from search results and stay on the site or do they bounce back and click on a different result?

2) If the bounce rate is high, is it high for all queries or just for certain topics?

3) Do the pages searchers land on provide high value and clearly answer the searchers’ questions?

4) What pages on the site have external links? Do large sections of the site not have external links at all? What can you do to make the content more interesting and valuable or raise awareness that it exists?

5) Is the content on the site unique or is it aggregated or syndicated from other locations? If it’s not unique, what value do the pages add beyond the original source?

The positive outlook is that as you make changes to your site to gain back rankings, the site will become more valuable to your audiences and they will be come more engaged.  So always try to be with unique content and relevant backlinks.

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