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How to Send a Digital Touch Message with Your Apple Watch



The Digital Touch feature on your Apple Watch allows you to send sketches, taps, or even your heartbeat to another friend who also has an Apple Watch. Here’s how to use it.

To begin, access the Friends circle on my Apple Watch by pressing the side button.


If you have multiple groups of friends, swipe left or right to access the group that has the friend to whom you want to send a digital touch message. Turn the digital crown to point to the friend you want, then touch the circle in the middle to select that person. (If your friend isn’t in your circles, you can add them using your iPhone).


Three icons display at the bottom of the screen for this friend. The phone icon on the left allows you to initiate a call and the message bubble icon on the right allows you to send this person a text message. In the middle is an icon of a pointing hand, which is the Digital Touch icon, so tap that icon.


A mostly black screen displays with the name of your friend at the top. The icon in the upper-right corner allows you to change the color of the message and the color of the icon itself indicates the currently selected color. The info icon in the lower-right corner provides access to help about using Digital Touch.


Tapping the color icon brings up a screen with different colored circles. Tap on the color you want to use for your message. I decided to stick with red.


Tapping the info icon mentioned above displays the following screen showing you the types of messages you can send using Digital Touch and how to send them. For sketches, simply draw on the watch screen with your finger. To send your heartbeat, put two fingers on the watch’s screen until you see a beating heart on the screen. You will also feel your heartbeat in taps. To send one or more taps, tap the screen the number of times you want your friend tapped.


I’m going to send my friend a smiley face, so I draw on the screen. When you stop drawing, the sketch is sent.

When sending taps, they are sent when you stop tapping. Your heartbeat is sent when you lift your fingers off the screen, once the watch gets your heartbeat.


Your friend will then get a notification that he or she received a Digital Touch from you.


Once he or she taps on the notification, the drawing you sent displays on their watch.


They can then reply with a drawing of their own.


Once you’ve seen a Digital Touch message, press the digital crown to dismiss it. Once you dismiss a Digital Touch, it’s gone. Digital Touch messages are not available in Messages on your Apple Watch or iPhone. Also, you can only create them through the Friends circle, so if you want to send a Digital Touch message to a friend, you’ll have to add them to your circles first.

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