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How To Supercharge a Paper Airplane


Creating and flying paper airplanes is still a fashionable pastime. Kids as well as adults still get excited and thrilled in making and flying their paper airplanes. For sure, you’ll be more thrilled and excited if you found out that there is a way to supercharge your paper airplane. This makes your airplane more enhanced and advanced to fly faster and beyond. Learn the steps below to ultimately supercharge your paper airplane. 

Learn about air, gravity and resistance. These are the elements to make a paper airplane fly.  Make sure that it moves smoothly and easily through the air. Remember that gravity pulls your airplane to the ground so keep the plane’s weight as light as possible to stay flying in the air. This way your paper airplane will not start to spin nor take a nosedive. Also, be sure that your paper airplane can overcome resistance to fly for a longer period of time.
Focus on your plane’s strength and lift. This is another way to make sure your airplane takes a longer flight.  Practice the energy or the thrust you use to throw your plane. Give the right amount of thrust from the beginning to make your airplane glides longer through the air. Make use of curved and bigger wings to make sure your airplane flies longer. This makes your plane starts  to fly with the accumulation of lift from the air closing up on its wings.
Balance all of the above elements in working with each other. Make sure they function in equivalent ways. Remember that your plane experiences forward and backward pulling of the thrust and the resistance at the same time. So if there is no balance, your plane either goes up or advances downwards.
Use airplane paper. Use this kind of paper in making your folded paper airplane. Airplane paper has the best paper plane designs that feature complete and comprehensive paper plane instructions.
Search on the Internet the different paper plane models. All models are easy to follow because they have lines that guide you where to fold the paper plane to make it fly farther and faster.
Be ready to supercharge your paper airplane to fly farther and faster. Add motor and a lot of juice to make your paper folded airplane fly 100 feet or more. Use an electric motor from an old toy powered by big electrolytic capacitor to transform your folded flyer into a beefed-up paper craft. Panasonic made one and called it “Gold Cap.” This electric motor or Gold Cap charges from a battery pack and gives out stable flow of power to keep your propeller buzzing for about 10 seconds. It flies your paper airplane from 30 to 100 feet. If you want to make its flying time longer, use a gearing system.
Test your paper plane out. Test its distance and speed. Constantly practice until it flies very fast and goes very far.  

These are the steps to supercharge your paper folded airplane. The more you read the steps the more you’ll understand them, and the more it will be easier for you to ultimately make your paper airplane super advance and supercharge.

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