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How To Tell If Concert Tickets are Real


Have you ever wanted a concert ticket so badly that you would do almost anything just to get it? This is actually normal for all diehards of a certain band or performing artists that are coming to town for a spectacular performance. The problem lies in the process of acquiring the ticket. Of course, you would not have any trouble if you have obtained it from the Ticketmaster. But what if all tickets have been completely sold out? What are you going to do then? Many would literally graze the Internet and the whole town for any scalpers just to get that one precious, laminated paper that would let you in to see the best concert ever. The thing is, is it real or just another scam? How would you actually know if the ticket that is being offered is genuine? Luckily, there are very easy ways for you to find out. Read on to learn more.

Overall appearance. Scrutinize the physical appearance of the ticket. A genuine one is very thinly laminated so when you have it reflected against the light, it will give a strong glare. It is also smooth and sleek to the touch. A fake ticket usually looks dull, does not glare even if it is laminated basically because it has thick lamination.
Scrutinize the details. Carefully check the details that you see on the ticket. Double check the spellings, the schedule, the size and style of the fonts. If you see an incorrectly spelled word, it is a counterfeit. It is very important that you check the time stated on the ticket as well. If you are planning to go on the 10 PM show, make sure that the time on the ticket is also 10 PM. Many people often overlook this mistake only realizing it when they cannot enter the concert and by then, the scalper has already taken their money and is long gone.
Know the seat codes. Knowing the seat codes of the venue is always a good way to check if your ticket is real or not. Many scam artists usually create class-A imitations that can actually pass the ticket checker. There are times however, that they put incorrect seat codes like instead of putting “row A seat 1,” the ticket will have “row A seat A.”  This very minimal mistake can cause you problems into getting in.
Go to the light. All tickets from Ticketmaster U.S. are built to have a certain quality that can help people distinguish if a ticket is fake or real. An authentic ticket should have a white base color, nothing else. You may see different colors at the sides but the base should only be white. Now take a look at it by holding your ticket up against a strong light. A real one should have a bluish glow.

There you have it! Just follow these simple and quite effective steps to fully determine if the ticket is real or not. Avoid believing every single thing that you see and hear especially from someone that is a complete stranger! Although giving a benefit of the doubt proves to be a nice gesture, it would not hurt if you add a habitual countercheck routine just to be sure. After all, the person and ticket in question should not have any problems with it if he truly has nothing to hide. Now go out there and start checking your way to the concert of your dreams. Good luck and have fun!

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