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How To Tie Chair Sashes


Adding a chair sash is a great way to add drama, elegance and flair to a table setup. It’s great for a garden party, a wedding or even for a formal dinner at home. Having a chair sash is a simple and yet creative way to incorporate your color motif for your event space. It’s like adding a great tie to a dress shirt.

It’s very simple to do! Here are some ways to tie a chair sash.

Determine what chairs you will use. The best backdrop for a chair (usually a monoblock) is a regular chair that is already covered with a plain white cotton cover. Adding a chair sash is a way to dress it up. You can also place a chair sash on a tiffany chair to spice it up. Count the number of chairs you will need to decorate.
Decide on your color motif or fabric. This is where it gets fun. Organza is a popular choice or crepe cloth in the same color motif as the event. Go to any fabric store and pick what you like. It is ideal if the cloth has some stiffness to it so that the bow will puff up. You can also pick something with a print if you want something more casual. Allow about a length of nine feet per chair, with a width of about six to eight inches.
When you have your chair and materials ready, you may start. Stand on the back of the chair. Place the sash on the chair as if you will tie a ribbon on the back of someone’s dress. The flat part of the sash will be on the seat back where the person will rest his back when he is seated. The ends of the sash will face you. Knot the back to secure the sash in place. This is your basic knot.
Create a flip by gathering both sides of the sash from the basic knot. Hold one side down with your right hand, and the other side up with the left hand. Loop the sash held by your left hand and take it down to go under then over the knot. The sash should rest flat above the knot in a flip.
Create a bow just like you would tie a shoe or tie a ribbon. From the basic knot, gather some fabric and create a bow with it. Loop one side over then under the other bow. Pull the ribbon and puff it up a bit.
Accessorize as you please, or leave it plain. You may place a stem of a flower such as a gerbera or a rose on the back of the chair, tucked in the basic knot. If you have a Christmas dinner, try some mistletoe or holly.
Repeat the process for all the chairs.

If you don’t have enough fabric, you can alternate the decorated chairs, or just place a chairs sash on your VIP tables. It’s best to keep the knots consistent for a more formal look. Try it for your next event! It’s a fun and easy way to wow your guests and let them know you went the extra mile.

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