How to Track Google Adsense Check


Track Adsense Check
Track Adsense Check

Track your Adsense check:

◦ First to get your Tracking Number, log in to your Google Adsense account.
◦ Go to the My Account >> View Payment History.
◦ Click on the Payment Issued – details for the particular month.
◦ Now there you will be find ‘Payment Number’. Go to website and enter your Payment Number (remove any ‘0’ on front) as ‘Ref no’ on Tracking Box and click Go.  That’s it.
◦ Above method is if you want to check status of your payment, before Google put “Tracking Number” of your check in your account.
◦ Within 7-10 days of dispatching your check, Google can provide Tracking number of courier, in your payment statement.

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