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How To Use Pyramid Power


The ancient Egyptians constructed pyramids and used them to house the tombs of their pharaohs. They had strong faith that by doing so, their souls could be preserved and reach the gods because of the pyramid’s unique ability to draw in vast amounts of cosmic energy.

Today, pyramid power is often used when practicing meditation for spiritual upliftment. Meditation is being in a complete state of peace, allowing the body to be cleansed from impurities and other harmful elements by enhancing spiritual consciousness. Meditating inside a pyramid sharpens the senses, allowing a stronger spiritual connection. Other amazing effects have been claimed to be brought about by pyramid power like preservation of food, sharpening blades that have become blunt, water transformed into a healing drink, or delaying a person’s aging process. The following are a few steps to experiment on how pyramid power can work for you:

Make a research on how to create a replica of your own pyramid. Study the structure of the Great Pyramid of Giza, which was constructed basically to acquire the most energy. This must be your pattern. Wood or cardboard are suitable materials for this. You may also paint it in any color you wish.
Be very precise with your proportions and angles. It must be 52.606 degrees. For the pyramid to be effective, you must make sure that all your measurements are exact.
You can now start testing your pyramid by putting objects under it and taking note of its effects. See how leftover food retains its freshness after an extended period of time. Medicines supposedly stay fresh too. Place identical objects outside your pyramid. That way, you will definitely see whether there are noticeable differences between the two. You can also experiment on a glass of water. Notice an improvement of its flavor after you are done. Water that has been treated with pyramid energy can be used for plants too. It greatly increases its growth rate and keeps it healthy.
Experiment on tarnished jewelry. After leaving it under the pyramid for a few days, tarnish can be removed and its original luster is restored.
Start finding out what it can do for you. Try sleeping underneath a pyramid or placing one under your pillow. Observe how deep your sleep is and how you wake up feeling more refreshed and revitalized than you ever did. You could also do some of your meditating underneath your pyramid and notice how it affects you. You become more attuned to your inner self and your mind is at its most relaxed state.
Pyramid energy has also been effective in healing cuts and bruises and alleviates pains from headaches and other ailments.

Though never scientifically proven, people have sworn by the amazing powers of the pyramid. Its healing abilities are a phenomenon that is difficult to explain but is undeniably present. Try to explore all its potentials and see how it can work for you. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that it can create significant changes in your well-being and improve your way of life.

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