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How To Use the Mold to Hand Roll Cigars


Few things are as luxurious as cigars. While you can purchase cigars from tobacco shops and other specialty shops, you can also make your own hand rolled cigars. To make this, one of the tools that you will need is the mold. Here’s how you can use the mold.

Drying. First of all, you need to select your tobacco carefully. unlike in cigarettes, the tobacco that is used for cigars are usually cut into thin strips that may be molded .you need to consider how many cigars you will make and make sure that you have enough tobacco strips for these. Afterwards, you will need to take a few uncut tobacco leaves that will act as the shell.
Mold size. Next determine the mold size. The mold size will determine how large your cigars will be. Usually, the mold will be large enough to hold a dozen or more cigars. As much as possible, you need to fill up all of the slots in the mold, not just because it is more convenient for you to make cigars in large batches, but also because it will make the mold more evenly shaped, making for a perfect cigar.
Rolling. Take the filler and then roll it in your hands. There is no particular way of rolling cigars, and you will need to find a technique that works best for you. Just make sure that you allow room for compression. This means that you should make a cigar that is a little bit larger and fuller than the mold where you will place the cigars. Make sure that you use a whole sheet of tobacco leaf to pack in the filling. Afterwards, you can moisten the tip of your fingers with water to seal the tobacco leaf on the filling.
Making the filter. You will also need to pay special attention to the filter. To make the filter, you need to take the ends of the cigar that you have rolled and fold them inwards to seal the tip of the cigar. Afterwards, dip your finger in some water and use it to moisten the tip of the cigar. This will keep the filter in place. You can also use other liquids to keep the leaves together. Some people use a combination of water boiled with some starch, to make a sort of diluted paste that will keep the tobacco leaf in place.
Press. Finally, place the rolled cigars into the mold. Afterwards, place the molds under the press. The press is a sort of vise that will apply massive pressure on the mold, in order to shape the cigars. Some molds come with screws that will allow you to press the mold without making use of the traditional vise press.
Waiting period. You will need to let the cigars take shape in the mold for several days. Some people only require a couple of days of waiting, but generally, the longer you leave the cigar in the mold, the better.

With these steps, you should be able to create your own hand-rolled cigars using only a cigar mold.

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