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How To Whistle with Two Fingers


Not all people know how to whistle using two fingers. Most of them are used to whistling with the use of a whistle, or through one’s lips. Whistling with your two fingers may be difficult at the start especially if you are not used to it. But with constant practice, you too will amaze all the ladies when they see you stick your index and middle fingers in your mouth and emit an ear-piercing whistle for the ages.

In addition to impressing the females, another benefit of having the ability to whistle is your increased odds of getting a taxi to stop for you. Another benefit is that even your antisocial cat will pay attention to you. Whistling with your two fingers may take time before you can fully master it, but with the proper knowledge, by believing in yourself, you too can be a pro.

Clean your finger fingers first. Before you begin your hyper-intensive whistle training session, you must wash and clean your hand and fingers to avoid allergens and annoying little inconveniences like the Ebola and HIV virus. Make sure to wash it with a soap and towel. Dry after washing.

After cleaning your hands, determine what fingers you will use in whistling. Choose whichever fingers you’re comfortable with. A lot of people prefer their thumb and index finger. If you want you may try first to put your finger on your mouth to be able to know what finger you comfortable using. Do this now for each finger.

Whistling with the use of your two fingers – Put your two fingers in your mouth. If your thumb and your index finger are your two chosen digits, gently put them inside your mouth and close your lips. Make sure to leave a small space between your lips so you can still breathe normally and let the air flow from your mouth to your fingers.

Move your tongue backward and let your two fingers rest on the lower portion of your teeth. Your lips must apply pressure on your fingers so you can blow a whistle. Make sure that your tongue is in a curled position and not touching your fingertips. Take in enough air by deeply inhaling; if you have enough air in your stomach then it’s time to blow the air through your lips. Blow with all your might! Blow! Use all your air stored in your lungs and give a strong blow so you can produce a sound! When you’re out of air, inhale and blow again!

You can use your tongue as a guide in blowing. If you are not yet satisfied with the whistling sound that you are producing, adjust or tighten the position of your fingers, tongue and lips until you can create a strong sound. Remember that the position of your tongue, lips and fingers will determine the melodic nuances of your whistle. Continue doing the process until you can whistle perfectly with the use of your two fingers.

Whistling with two fingers is a skill and just like any ordinary skill, it must be given enough time and devotion to perfectly execute it. Mastering whistling with the use of your two fingers will depend on the time you spend practicing. Do the exercises everyday, and maybe one day you, too, will be a master whistle blower.

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