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Email Marketing

Content emails should really be the backbone of your email campaign. This is where you provide high value advice and information to your subscribers, and it’s also how you build a relationship with them. The more great content you provide to them, the more they will come to know, like, and trust you.

So how do you write content emails?

Basically you write them like you would write articles.

If you have something you want to share with your readers – it might be a useful tip, some advice, a solution to a problem – then just write a short article about it.

The only difference between writing an article and a content email is that with the email you just use shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs to improve readability.

The key with content emails is to also write them like you are standing in front of them and discussing this issue with them. You make it more personal that way.

What you can do to open the email is tell the readers why you want to share this piece of content with them. So it could be because you get a lot of questions about it, or because it’s something you’ve been thinking about lately, or because it’s something new. Tell them why you are writing this piece of content for them.

Then get right to the point and tell them the tip or piece of advice you want to share with them.

You also want to make the content email action oriented. So for example, you might write a content email about how to do something better. Once you’ve shared the information with them, then give them a set of action steps they can instantly apply. It doesn’t have to be extensive, just a couple of steps should do. You want them to take action when they finish reading your email.

This does two things; first it makes your email stand out. Most times with content emails people will just skim through them and take in the main points. But when you have action steps in your email, it makes the reader stop and actually think about what you’re saying.

The second thing having action steps accomplishes is that it trains your readers to take action when they read your emails. You will also have other emails in your campaign where you want them to click through to your blog or sales page, so this gets them into the habit of clicking links in your emails. It builds trust. So when they see the links

in your emails, they know they are going to be sent to a high quality page.

You want them to get comfortable clicking links in your emails so when it comes time for you to promote a product to them, they will be comfortable clicking the link to checkout the sales page.

This is part of email marketing course series of posts. I hope you have enjoyed this email marketing training course, and that you go out and actually implement what you have learnt. Don’t just go through this training course and then do nothing with it.

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