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eMail Marketing
eMail Marketing

So now you know why you’re creating a list, and what your purpose for your email campaign is, it’s time to actually get started putting things together.

And it all starts with writing emails.

Now most people when they see this will think there is some magic formula for writing emails that gets people to open every time, get people to click on every link, and hypnotize them into buying products from them over and over again.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. There is no magical formula, there is no secret tactic, and there is no blueprint to success with email marketing.

You see, if there really was a formula and everybody in-the-know was using it, then you would get bored very fast.

Your emails would be just like mine and everyone else’s emails that followed the same formula.

Think about it; if you were exchanging emails with someone, it could be a good friend, an acquaintance, a family member, anybody, and every email you got from this person was written exactly the same way every time, like it was based on a formula. For example, they always opened with the same few lines, and always told a quick story about what happened to them that day, and then they always asked you for some advice with a problem they’re having. Obviously it can be any formula, but the point is it is the same type of email based on the exact same formula every single time.

What would happen if you received the same type of email every day from this person?

You know what would happen; you would get very bored of their emails, very quickly.

Now what would happen if that person emailed you often but in a sporadic nature, where sometimes they would tell a great story, other times they ask you for advice, and even every now and then they recommend a great new website or tool they found yesterday.

Maybe some of the emails will just ramble on, whereas others get right down to the point. The difference is you don’t know what to expect. You don’t know what’s going to be in the next email, whether they will be happy or sad, or if they’re going to be angry or peaceful. But the point here is there will be anticipation and excitement in waiting for their next email.

That is exactly how your emails should be as well. You want your subscribers to eagerly anticipate your next email and be excited to receive it.

If you make them predictable, boring or unexciting, your subscribers won’t be looking forward to reading your emails at all. That’s how most marketers write their emails.

But if your emails are fresh and different, you write from the heart and with genuine honesty, you’re going to be seen differently by your subscribers.

Write with your own personal style and personality; don’t try to be someone else.

The main thing is you need to stay away from the idea that you need a formula or a template to write successful emails.

People who use these so-called blueprints are those who don’t get any results. They don’t put their own personality into their emails, they don’t write from the heart, and they don’t really care about their subscribers; they just hope they can put together a few email swipes from an affiliate product and make some sales.

Don’t do this.

You need to write from your heart. You need to write to your subscribers like you’re writing to a good friend. You should envision that you are writing to just one person when you are writing your emails – just one person – then send that to your entire list.

Yes, some people aren’t going to like your emails or your style, that’s fine; just let them opt out of your list. If they don’t like your emails, there’s a good chance they’re not going to buy from you, so who cares if they leave?

If you write enough emails from your heart, you’re going to keep the subscribers who view you as someone they know, like, and trust. And these subscribers are the ones who are going to buy from you over and over again.

So write your emails from your heart. Show that you actually care about your subscribers and that you want the best from them.

This is part of email marketing course series of posts. I hope you have enjoyed this email marketing training course, and that you go out and actually implement what you have learnt. Don’t just go through this training course and then do nothing with it.

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