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Millions of students throughout the USA today have utilized federal funding in one form or another and not given it a second thought. Many of these loans offer stipulation regarding the payments and when you are required to start paying your loans back. Although these types of federal student loans can help millions of students go to school that otherwise may not have been able to afford it, they are not without risk. The type of student debt many are experiencing is far too much after they graduate and the ability to find a high paying job in our economy today is not as easy as it once was. With these two factors working against students it can be easy to see why so many need assistance paying their federal student loans.

There are many aspects of a student’s life which make them eligible or not eligible for federal funding and these same factors are what may cause them to have problems paying off the loans once their education is completed. Studies have shown that over 50% of students today who attend College and University have relied on some from of federal funding combined with bank loans and otherwise to make it through their education years. When it comes time to pay all this money back, newly graduated and released students cannot find an employment opportunity that pays enough to apply to the monthly minimum payments and in the past this has led to numerous counts of bankruptcy and despair. Admitting that you need assistance paying for federal student loans is nothing to be ashamed of, every student runs into this problem after graduation or even before.

Because of these financial problems and increased bankruptcies in the past, congress created a Federal Loan Consolidation Program to help students overcome their financial struggles when they are first out of school and progress to more successful levels of finance, without need for bankruptcy or other desperate measures. With the ability to consolidate your federal student loans, students from across the country now have the ability to make affordable payments each month as well as get their debt down as quickly as possible; this is what students want to hear!

There are two different ways to consolidate your student debt, whether it is federal or private makes the difference. When you discover that you need assistance paying federal student loans, consolidation may be your best solution. It is a simple process but one that can save you a lot of money in the long run and keeps your credit in good standing along the way. The US Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid Programs can help you take the amount owing on your federal loans and consolidate them into a new, low interest loan with one low payment.

This type of assistance to pay off federal student loans has literally saved millions of students from financial ruin and admitting you need this help should not be something you are embarrassed by. Interest rates and high monthly payments can be completely overwhelming when you graduate from your educational years and into society with no employment. Don’t panic and allow the interest rates to cause late payments and bad credit that can be hard to redeem, allow the government to help you consolidate these bills and payments into something you can afford so you can maintain good credit and get out of debt as quickly as possible.

If you have found you need assistance paying federal student loans, look into student loan consolidation and allow the professionals to create a payment schedule you can not only afford but stick to for the long term until you are completely debt free!

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