India Witnessed 903 Career-Related Suicides In 2014


NEW DELHI:  Career problems drove nearly three persons to suicide every day on an average during the year 2014, Rajya Sabha was informed today.

The data given on causes of suicides in the country by Minister of State for Home Affairs Haribhai Parathibhai Chaudhary in response to a question shows 903 people chose to end their lives because of professional and career problems which comes to about 2.45 deaths per day in 2014.

 Mere suspicion of illicit relations resulted in 458 suicides in 2014 which is about 1.25 deaths per day while “fall in social reputation” resulted in 490 such deaths, the data in response said.

Hero worship is another reason because of which 56 people chose to end their lives in 2014, it says.

Love affairs are one of the most prominent reasons resulting in suicides in the country with 4,168 people ending their lives during the year which is about 11.41 such deaths per day.

Death of dear person also prompted 981 people to commit suicide while a whopping 23,746 people chose the path because of their prolonged or incurable medical condition.

Marriage-related problems resulted in 6,773 suicides while impotency resulted in 332 and failure in examination resulted in 2,403 such cases.

1,699 people ended their lives because of poverty while 2,207 chose the path because of unemployment while 1,609 committed suicide because of property dispute, it said.

“National Crime Records Bureau collects data on suicides reported in India only and not of other countries. Hence, it is not possible to compare the figure of suicides committed in India with those of foreign countries,” Chaudhary said.

He said Law Commission of India in its 210th Report “Humanisation and Decriminilisation of attempt to suicide” had recommended that Section 309 (attempt to commit suicide) of Indian Penal Code need to be effaced from the statute book.

“‘Public Health’ and ‘Public Order’ are the State subjects. However, the Government of India attaches highest importance in the matter and has approved implementation of district mental health programme in some of the districts of the country with added components of suicide prevention services, work place stress management, life skills training and counselling in schools and colleges,” he said.

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