Introduction of a next generation mobile app

cox communications
cox communications

Cox Communications, company that provides digital cable television, telecommunications as well as wireless services in the U.S., introduced their next generation mobile app at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show to more than 100 media representatives, analysts and industry leaders.

Their new mobile app is introduced as the stage-setter for the future of the second screen experience. Their new application that will first debut on iPad will be offering 90 live TV channels, personalized video content recommendations, access to On Demand content and it also features TV and tablet integration which means that the consumers will have the chance to use their tablet as a remote control for Cox’s advanced TV program guide.

“We are delivering a viewing experience that is more personal by putting customers in command of the content they most enjoy,” Cox President Pat Esser. The app is meant to change the user experience and make it more engaging to the users. At some point, the company plans to integrate all of its mobile application to this app. The name is yet to be revealed, but you can be sure to hear about it soon.

Currently, Cox is the only U.S. multichannel video operator that offers individualized recommendations for video on the television as well as on the second screen.

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